Why Tino Franco from Bachelorette is Great for Rachel Recchia


In the 19th season of The Bachelorette, Rachel Recchia chose Tino Franco to join her on a one-on-one date in Paris, and he may be the perfect match for her. Tino, a 28-year-old from Playa del Rey, California, caught Rachel’s attention from the first minute she met him. Instead of arriving in a limo, Tino drove up in a forklift because he is a general contractor. He jumped to the ground, telling Rachel and her co-girlfriend Gabby Windy, “Let me just say you two look great.” Rachel immediately fell in love with him and told Gabby: “I was waiting for a jack of all trades. He’s my type.” In her confession, she said, “I am immediately attracted to Tino.”

Later that night, when Tino was talking one-on-one with Rachel, the co-host of The Bachelorette Party, he took her to the stairs and said he wanted her to remember the stairs better. During the season of Clayton Echard’s The Bachelor, Rachel cried on the stairs in Reykjavik, Iceland, after Clayton broke her heart. Rachel liked that Tino was so caring, and they kissed for the first time. She told the cameras that Tino was the romantic connection she hoped to find, saying he was the man she was waiting for. Tino was the only guy Rachel kissed, and she gave him a first impression rose.

When Rachel chose Tino for her one-on-one Paris bachelorette party, she said that it was the most important walk, because if it doesn’t work out with Tino, she doesn’t see the point of moving on after all the rejections. . She said that Tino always made her feel comfortable and confident in their relationship. They started the date with eating and making pancakes. The date was like a fairy tale, as they kissed in the rain. Later, they had dinner at the church, and Rachel gave Tino her rose. There are many reasons why Tino is perfect for Rachel.

Tino does everything for Rachel

Although some of the men from the Bachelorette Party struggled to choose between Rachel and Gabby, Tino was devoted to Rachel from the first night. While in Paris, he shared that he was over the moon with happiness, as he had the opportunity to explore such a romantic city (in the rain) with the most amazing girl he had ever met. He said he couldn’t imagine a better day. Tino confessed to Rachel that he had not been so excited about what would happen to a woman for a long time. At the end of the date, after he received a rose, Tino said in his confession: “Today was absolutely perfect, and tonight is somehow even better, because this rose means that [Rachel] sees the future with me. And I really really think I had to find this girl and make her happy forever. So it’s like I’m falling in love with Rachel faster than I could have imagined.”

Rachel falls in love with Tino

Rachel had a direct relationship with Tino on the first night. He was the only man she had ever kissed, and she made a first impression on him. In many past seasons of The Bachelorette Party, the man who was first impressed by Rose ended up being the one the bride got engaged to. While she was enjoying the City of Light (Paris), Rachel told Gabby that she already really liked Tino, even before their one-on-one date. She also said she was scared because she didn’t expect everything to go so well. Rachel noticed that she was scared to experience such strong feelings so early. At the end of their date, she stated, “Paris with Tino was definitely the restart I needed. I had high hopes for our date, but all my expectations were exceeded. He’s just amazing. fall in love with Tino.”

Rachel and Tino agree on career and family

One of Rachel’s biggest problems in her relationship is whether her future husband will be able to accept her pilot career. She was very open about the fact that in the past she had a boyfriend who did not support her career. He was concerned that the pilots were too far away from their families, and this caused them to cheat on their spouses. He thought that Rachel would not be able to devote enough time to caring for future children. She said that this confirmed all people’s ideas that women in the aviation sector cannot have traditional families. Because of this, Rachel wanted to make sure that she and Tino agree when it comes to their careers and family.

Tino told Rachel that he understands her concerns because in his industry (general contracting) people get married young, and then long hours take their toll. He said, “Your passion for your career is similar to … she lights me up from the inside out because I need someone who has that kind of dedication, but equal to a working relationship. And that’s what I want to be for someone.” Rachel asked him if he wanted a family and he said yes and asked if it broke the deal for her.


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