Why “Thor: Love and Thunder” violates the golden rule of Valhalla


Warning! SPOILERS ahead for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Jane Foster played by Natalie Portman returns to Thor: Love and Thunder in the role of the hero who owns Mjolnir, the Mighty Thor, and she not only shakes up Asgard, but also violates the golden rule of Valhalla. Continuing the tonal shift set by Thor: Raganarok, and continuing Thor after Avengers: Finale, Thor: Love and Thunder discovers that his titular god (Chris Hemsworth) embarks on an adventure to prevent Gorr the butcher god (Christian Bale) from killing all the gods. He is joined by Korg (Taika Waititi), King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Jane as the Mighty Thor.

Jane Foster’s last appearance in the MCU was in the movie “Thor: Kingdom of Darkness”. In Thor’s second solo campaign, she is infected with the Infinity Stone, and she needs to go to Asgard to get rid of it. While there, she learns more about the Asgardians, their technology, history and customs. This includes Valhalla, the heavenly afterlife, which is awarded to the warriors of Asgard. In Thor: Love and Thunder, it is further explained that only those Asgardians who die in battle can enter Valhalla, clearly setting the rules that dictate entry. And yet Jane manages to circumvent these rules when she dies at the end of the film and is welcomed to Valhalla by Heimdall (Idris Elba) in Thor: Love and Thunder, a scene after the credits.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” shows that Jane Foster has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and treatment does little to slow down the disease. Desperate to find a cure, Jane turns to a more advanced science for help: the magic of Asgard. In particular, she is looking for Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, capable of endowing its owner with great health. Armed with Mjolnir, Jane becomes a Mighty Thor and seems to have excellent health, but in fact the hammer drains her strength and prevents her human body from fighting cancer. Despite this, Jane is determined to help Thor in his final battle with Gorr, and she uses the last bit of the Mighty Thor’s power to destroy the Necromech before turning back into Jane and dying in Thor’s arms. Despite being human, her body dissolves into gold dust, similar to what happened to Odin and Frigga. Then, in the post-credits scene, it is confirmed that Jane was sent to Valhalla. But how can a person enter the afterlife of Asgard?

Why Jane Foster Can Go to Valhalla Despite Being Human

Jane’s departure to Valhalla after her death may seem unexpected at first, not to mention a blatant disregard for the already established rules, but “Thor: Love and Thunder” offers an explanation. When Jane becomes the Mighty Thor, she is called an Asgardian, suggesting that she undergoes a complete transformation and becomes more than just a person wielding Thor’s powers. It is also shown that turning into a Mighty Thor with the help of Mjolnir drains all the power of her human body. In a sense, the possession of Mjolnir burns her mortality, and this is confirmed by the fact that her body turns into gold dust after death. Jane may have lived as a human, but she dies as an Asgardian. She also dies in battle, giving her life to save Thor and destroy the Necromech, which is certainly a heroic death worthy of Valhalla’s rewards.

In the comics, Jane Foster also goes to Valhalla when she dies as the Mighty Thor. Odin granted her entry as a reward for saving all of Asgard, and, as in the case of Thor: Love and Thunder, this is an example of violating these rules of entry to Valhalla. In this case, it is One himself who violates the entry rules, but in “Love and Thunder” it may be Thor who made an exception. Jane can become a Powerful Thor when she holds Mjolnir because she is worthy, but the film also suggests that this is thanks to Thor, who previously asked Mjolnir to protect Jane. His desire to protect her is then embedded in the hammer, so when Jane turns to Mjolnir for help, he helps her in the only way he knows. And at first it may seem that Jane’s transformation into the Mighty Thor is the cause of her death, depriving her of all her strength and leaving cancer to win. But becoming a Powerful Thor is what saves Jane, turning her into an Asgardian warrior who dies a glorious death in battle and is resurrected in the halls of Valhalla.

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