Why This Was One of Everyone’s Most Tragic Deaths


It is a past conclusion that someone in each group, at some point down the line, will be bitten by a zombie and will turn around or be killed by an enemy. In Janis’s case, it was both reasons that hit her on Fear The Walking Dead.

Janis was a scapegoat, to punish her in the cruellest way possible, they placed her outside the community and tied her up, while the zombies were drawn to her through the music in Fear The Walking Dead.

John Dorie did everything he could to acquit Janis and even save her from execution. Fear the Walking Dead filled Janis’s death with such emotion that it became one of the saddest in the series.

This time, it wasn’t about a person who was unlucky and bitten, but rather it was a long, drawn-out death that felt more real than the others in Fear The Walking Dead and throughout The Walking Dead franchise.

Furthermore, Janis’s death was not an impact death, and she was not killed by her own actions; her death was set up to be as shocking as possible in Fear The Walking Dead.

At times, fans may be disillusioned by all the senseless deaths in the The Walking Dead universe but Fear the Walking Dead managed to land an emotional punch with a supporting character.

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