Why This Season Is A Medical Drama Fan Favorite


While the first season of Grey’s Anatomy may be in its 17th season, fans would still agree that they would rather go back to the first because this was the time when everything was fresh and new.

Do you have fewer episodes?

Sometimes when a show’s seasons have too many episodes, some stories get stretched out and there isn’t enough drama to go on. Or in the case of Grey’s Anatomy, it ends up being one more tragedy.

With the first season, the 9-episode season kept things short and sweet. The fewer episodes on Grey’s Anatomy allowed the first season to be filled with just the right amount of drama and character development without boring.

Does it provide a feminine angle like no other?

Season 1 is told almost entirely through the perspective of the show’s main female characters. There is a distinct feminine perspective to Grey’s Anatomy that makes it the extremely special show that it is.

With so many smart women competing and cooperating, the first season of Grey’s Anatomy brought a completely different paradigm of the female perspective to television.


No other group of interns has invoked as much love and affection from fans as the first group of interns featured on Grey’s Anatomy season 1.

The producers of Grey’s Anatomy have tried time and again to present a similar cohort, but fans have never taken a group as a whole in the same way as they did with interns from season 1.

Did it culminate in a shocking way?

Grey’s Anatomy season 1 used the hospital environment and hectic lives of medical professionals and centered the show on that premise. And so the end of the show was also an interesting way to interrupt the calm.

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