Why this “Love Island” contest in the USA makes fans say “Hooray”


The new season of “Love Island in the USA” began when ten attractive men and ten gorgeous women greeted each other at a stunning villa on a tropical island. This dating reality show is based on a very popular love island that originated in the United Kingdom, but the American version seems to be beyond the realm of possibility in terms of its attractiveness. Moving the show from CBS to Peacock was probably the best solution, since producers can get away with more racy content on a streaming service rather than on a television network.

The purpose of this love-themed show is to encourage the actors to connect or explore their options so that they can eventually find the American Love Island stars they are most compatible with. Competing in challenges, going on dates and getting to know each other are just some of the things they have to do to try to find their perfect match. However, they often lose their balance when new rivals come into play, because they are forced to redirect their energy to other people.

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Compared to other dating shows, it’s a little different as it’s filmed in real time. In addition, viewers help promote the action of the series by participating in surveys that they access through the Love Island USA app. Fans can vote on how the relationship between the islanders develops, and they also have a say when it comes to who should stay or leave. However, in the end, it all depends on Deb Chubb, Serenity Springs, Courtney Berner, Zeta Morrison, Sidney Pate, Jesse Bray, Andy Voyen, Felipe Gomez, Isaiah Campbell, Timmy Pandolfi and other islanders. They are the ones who have to make most of the decisions. Although the show is very interactive and interesting to watch, there have been a lot of awkward moments to date that make fans say “hooray”.

This show evokes strong emotions

From the very beginning, women get power first because they decide which guys they want to be with based on the attractiveness of male actors. Women take a step forward, and men choose whether they want to be with them or not. They can even team up with the stars of Love Island USA, who are already in partnership. It’s like a personal dating app where people get together depending on how they look and then get to know each other. However, the show may actually be worse than the app because the actors are stuck together in a villa watching their sweethearts flirt with other people. Feelings are offended, the hopes of Love Island USA can collapse, and the tables are always changing. All this happened in the first weeks of the season.

To make matters worse, new contenders were added to the mix shortly after the couples started getting to know each other. Immediately, the guys had to decide which of the two men from the US Love Island would go on a double date with the newcomers, Valerie Bragg and Madi McLanahan. It was painful to watch Jesse voluntarily switch from a couple with Deb to a partnership with Val. This happened after a double date, as he had wanted to meet Deb from the very beginning. This provoked a drama about a love triangle. Then Tyler Radziszewski came into the villa and all the women started fainting. Some of the guys started to feel a little threatened.

To love or not to love

During the first week after the release of the episodes, “Love Island in the USA” definitely made an impression on the world of reality dating shows. However, part of its impact is that viewers feel second-hand embarrassment. It seems that these people were mostly set up to be humiliated on TV when they watched their potential Love Island partners in the USA switch sides or kiss other participants right in front of their eyes. It’s safe to say that while the series is highly addictive to watch, it should be renamed “Yikes Island” because of the many awkward moments that seem to mostly revolve around men at a Love Island villa in the US not knowing what they want.


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