Why “Thinking like a Criminal: Beyond Borders” was closed after two seasons


That’s why “Thinking Like a Criminal: Beyond Borders” lasted only two seasons before it was shut down. By the early 2000s, television routines were quite outdated, so many thrillers that appeared during this period needed a new trick to attract viewers. CSI, for example, combined a glossy cinematic style with an emphasis on science and technology to give a new meaning to the concept. On the other hand, “Thinking Like a Criminal” was centered around an FBI profiler team known as BAU, which was supposed to psychologically profile the killers they were chasing.

This distinguished “Thinking like a criminal” from many monotonous procedures. The same thing happened with the show’s violence, which caused original star Mandy Patinkin to quit after two seasons after calling the show’s darkness “destructive” to his soul. “Thinking like a Criminal” has more than survived Patinkin’s departure and will last a total of fifteen seasons, which will end in 2020. Viewers hardly had a chance to miss the series, as Paramount+ is already developing a ten-episode revival.

When a show is as successful as “Thinking Like a Criminal,” it makes sense for the network—in this case, CBS—to develop a spin-off. Both CSI and NCIS have spawned very successful offshoots, but “Thinking like a criminal” has failed. The first attempt was “Thinking like a Criminal: Suspicious Behavior”, but despite the fact that it was headed by Forest Whitaker, this series lasted only one season. A similar fate befell the second and last attempt of the Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders spin-off, which took place from 2016 to 2017.

Bad Ratings killed Criminals: Beyond Borders

The game “Thinking like a Criminal: Beyond Borders” lived up to its name and focused on the International Response Team, which is a group of FBI agents who travel to foreign countries to work on cases involving American citizens. While the usual complaint about suspicious behavior was that it wasn’t different enough from its parent series to stand out, Beyond Borders added a new lead to the format. However, many critics accused the series of extreme xenophobia and often portrayed the countries to which the fictional IRT traveled in a worse light.

Despite the fact that the first season of “Thinking like a Criminal” received mostly bad reviews, “Thinking like a Criminal: Beyond Borders” it performed well enough to get another series. However, as in the case of “Suspicious Behavior”, the main ensemble, consisting of actors such as Gary Sinise and Alan de la Garza, never coalesced as the main cast of “Think like a Criminal”. When the number of viewers of “Thinking Like a Criminal: Beyond Borders” dropped — and critical reaction also did not improve — CBS shut down the procedural series after two seasons.


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