Why They Hided Howard’s Babies Until The Last Episode


The Big Bang Theory, broadcast for 12 seasons on the US CBS network and internationally on Warner Channel, is one of the few comedy series that can boast of having had a group of writers with brilliant narrative skills and some thoughtful creative decisions. curious, one of them related to Halley and Neil Michael Rostenkowski Wolowitz, the children of Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch).

As many fans recall, the appearance of the Wolowitz babies on the scene for the first and only time in the final episode as well as being charming made the public realize that they had never been seen before, although they had been heard several times. The fact that they were always hidden from the cameras when filming the comedy always caused curiosity, which was soon explained by the producers responsible for such a strange decision.

When Bernadette’s first pregnancy was announced, it wasn’t entirely clear to fans what role the baby would play once she was born, until the poignant idea of ​​introducing her as a tribute to one of the show’s most iconic and special cast members came up. Whose interpreter had long since passed away, Howard’s mother, dear Mrs. Debbie Wolowitz, who unseen her voice was played by actress Carol Ann Susi until she lost a long battle with cancer on November 11, 2014.

From the day she came into the world, Howard and Bernadette’s eldest daughter, Halley, the audience could only hear her cry at the hospital newborn check-in and later in other scenes. Upon hearing her voice (played by actress Pamela Adlon) immediately everyone knew why she did not show herself: the baby’s cry was very similar to the voice of her late grandmother. The Big Bang Theory thus incorporated a warm tribute and tribute very well received by the fans of the series and by Carol Ann, a renowned star with a long career in the world of film and television.

The reminder was believed by many to be the main reason it was decided that the Wolowitz ‘eldest daughter, and later her little brother Neil Michael, would only be heard rarely during the remainder of the series. However, there was also another much stronger reason, which shows that the creative decision not to present them on stage had been made in one way or another. The Big Bang Theory production did not want children to become a fixture of the series in any way.

The executive producer of The Big Bang Theory, Steve Molaro, commented at some point that he was never in favor of having young children on the film set, considering it uncomfortable, in terms of logistics and time management according to the laws. In the creators’ opinion, it was much more practical to dispense with their presence during filming, taking into account that it is well known in the industry that the presence of one or more children can affect a successful series. That is why their on-screen appearance was so special, when we saw them for the only time played by child actors Sailah Nicol (Halley) and Nate Ash (Neil Michael).