Why they canceled Among Us 2


Not everything is bad news, as the developers plan to make improvements to the current version

Among Us is one of the games that has become the most popular in recent weeks. Although the game came out three years ago, it was during this quarantine that it began to become popular exponentially.

The success of the PC game and application was such that it was even announced that a second part would come out, but this has been canceled, sadly for all fans.

However, the news could not be so bad, and although there will be no second part of the game, at least not for now, there will be some improvements that will please all gamers.

These are the improvements

Better servers
Support for color blind. Other identifiers are planned for aggregator for players, as well as identifiers for certain in-game tasks focused on color. With this there will also be the possibility of more colors.
Account / friend system
A new setting. It will be based on a location from ‘Henry Stickmin’, the studio’s other game.

It is important to mention that this will not be something simple, because to implement the improvements it is necessary to verify the existing code and start improving it.

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