Why there won’t be a transition with Superman and Lois


The CW network plans to deliver to fans of the Gotham City heroine, the second season of Batwoman with Javicia Leslie, who will debut this Sunday, January 17 as Ryan Wilder.

As fans know, with the first installment of Batwoman, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) worked with almost every hero in the Arrowverse through the gigantic “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover.

Fans expected to see more crossovers in the universe with the second installment; However, at the moment this will not happen with Leslie who dons the Batwoman costume.

The reason is that the coronavirus pandemic will not allow Batwoman to cross with other series in the universe, which keeps Leslie somewhat heartbroken. This the actress commented in an interview:

“I am heartbroken about the COVID situation because I know it will be the last season of ‘Black Lightning’ and I would have loved to cross with them. Nafessa (Williams) and Jordan (Calloway) are very good friends and it would have been great to play with them and the others. superheroes from the same series. That would have been epic. ”

Hope shouldn’t be entirely lost, though, as if the Painkiller spin-off is ordered, at least a crossover with Batwoman would be possible. She continued by saying the actress:

“Whichever show brings blacks to the fore, I’ll be happy to crossover with it, because I want to do a super black crossover.”

As reported by the TVLine website, that a previously planned crossover between “Batwoman” and Superman & Lois will no longer take place at least this season. Additionally, Supergirl’s Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) will also not be coming to Gotham city due to the series ending with season six. In this regard, “Batwoman” showrunner Caroline Dries said the following:

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“We cannot make crossings because crews cannot work elsewhere for fear of being infected with COVID. If ‘Supergirl’ didn’t end this year, there would certainly be more options. But I’m afraid that, at least this year, we won’t see that kind of dynamic. “


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