Why the victory of Big Brother 24 in the fifth week of the veto can be a big problem for a guest of the house


Warning! The following contains spoilers from Big Brother’s live broadcasts as of Sunday, August 7. Read at your own risk!

The fifth week of the 24th season of “Big Brother” is critical for many guests, who now realize that their games may end with an incorrect eviction this week. Michael Bruner’s first win at the head of the family was a great step for The Leftovers alliance in terms of promoting their games, but this is not the end. The veto contest took place on Saturday, and now that it is over, its results can create big problems for one guest.

CinemaBlend tracks the events of “Big Brother” with our Paramount+ subscription, and with a block of nominations consisting of Terrence Higgins, Joseph Abdin and Monte Taylor, the houseguests had many temptations to stick to this season’s theme and take another one. a major player. Here’s what happened and how the result could ultimately mean doom for an unexpected guest.

Michael won the right of veto in the fifth week

Michael not only won the HOH competition this week, but also vetoed it. For those who aren’t watching at home, this is Michael’s fourth victory in the veto contest this season and puts him one win away from setting the record for the most veto wins in a single season of Big Brother. Getting another veto will put Michael in the same league with former legendary player Janelle Pierzina (who recently spoke about this season’s shocking scene involving Taylor). Of course, this prestige has devastating consequences, which Michael is likely to face after this week.

Will Michael’s insane winning streak sabotage his chances of winning?

Janelle is the undisputed legend of Big Brother, but let’s not forget that she appeared in four seasons of the game and never won. Historically, guests who have won many Big Brother competitions often lose in the finals. In the previous 23rd season, Tiffany Mitchell was in excellent condition until her unnecessary third victory of the head of the family made her a serious target. It looks like the same thing is going to happen to Michael, and I think it’s only a matter of time before someone tries to send him home.

Why did Michael try to win the right of veto?

Michael is a big fan of Big Brother, so he should know that all these victories will hurt him in the future. Unfortunately, his candidacy of Terrence, Joseph and Monte led to the eviction of two members of The Leftovers. That meant Monte and Joseph couldn’t vote this week, and of course Michael could only vote in the event of a tie. Michael knew this, so he eventually intended to use the veto to remove them and assign his true target, Daniel Durston.

Michael’s victory convinced him that he could do whatever he wanted with the veto, whatever it was. Right now it seems like he can handle targeting Daniel, but with such a big target behind his back, I could see he was tempted to maybe disband The Leftovers. We’ll see what he does and hope that somehow he can hold out long enough to at least get a record veto.

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