Why the treatment of Taylor Hale makes “Big Brother 24” unavailable for viewing


The start of the series “Big Brother 24″ on CBS was not easy, as the contradictory attitude of the actors to Taylor Hale forced many fans to stop watching the rest of the season. She seemed like a target from the moment the cast of 16 set foot in their new home. Many fans, as well as former members of Big Brother, have called on the actors to be racist because of their actions towards Taylor.

The controversial cast of “Big Brother 24” consists of people from all over the country belonging to completely different professions, from assistant football coach Joe “Puig” Puccarelli to clinical hypnotist Brittany Hoops and interior designer Paloma Aguilar. The cast also includes personal trainer Monte Taylor and his own Elvis Presley lookalike, Daniel Durston. Taylor is a personal stylist, as well as a former Miss Michigan USA, and her participation in contests did not win her favor among other guests of the house.

Big Brother is no stranger to controversy, but it’s amazing that so much happened before the first eviction on July 14. From the first day, the rest of the actors made Taylor feel like an outsider, even being excluded from a rather weak purely female union was formed. Even though they had sensitivity training before going on the show, many actors were accused of racial bias in the house.

It seems that the Big Brother star leading the charge against Taylor was Paloma, who quickly campaigned against Taylor staying after the first week. Contestants Jasmine Davis, Monte Taylor, Terrence Higgins and Joe were criticized for their actions, as they called Taylor “aggressive” without even recognizing her. Taylor’s crying in the bathroom was a heartbreaking moment for the “Big Brother” audience, as the rest of the cast didn’t even give her a chance.

Some fans are already fed up with Big Brother 24 and are threatening to stop watching the season if such treatment continues, especially if Taylor is the first person evicted. Former contestants, including Big Brother 23 winner Xavier Prater and Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly, sent love to Taylor and were outraged by the bullying clips. Other members of the popular Cookout alliance, including Tiffany Mitchell, felt that Taylor’s treatment was undeserved. Fans of the show have less than a week left for an 85-day social experiment, and they don’t want to continue watching if the behavior of the actors is tolerable. If Taylor survives the first week, fans and viewers hope that she will get a weak edit and find a supportive union that will support her.


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