Why the show is one of the best Marvel shows ever


Agents of SHIELD ran around the same time as their counterpart, Agent Peggy Carter. While that show had its fair share of fans, it was much shorter in length.

The other shows that debuted while Agents of SHIELD were on the air were Marvel Netflix shows like Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, The Defenders, and The Punisher.

While these shows were also hugely popular and critically successful for the most part, they were all canceled to coincide with the Disney + debut. Now that Disney has its own streaming app, most of the MCU TV shows probably premiere on that platform.

Marvel’s new crop of shows seems to be taking a more cinematic approach. It could be that Agents of SHIELD is the last Marvel TV show that looks like a traditional-style TV show. No matter what the future holds, right now, Agents of SHIELD is easily the MCU’s longest-running TV show, by far.


Whether it was the talented cast of the show or its crew that put so much love into each painting, it is clear that the people involved in its making it treated this project as a labor of love.

When a show runs as long as this, the team behind it needs to be fully involved. There is no doubt that everyone involved in creating Agents of SHIELD had a blast.


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