Why the show has become the most popular on The CW


Arrow achieved great success in its early days, however, The Flash took it a step further, as its pilot episode surpassed Arrow’s in the rating department and nearly equaled The Vampire Diaries pilot episode as well.

The Scarlet Sprinter series remains the most-watched and most talked about Arrowverse show six years later, battling competition from fellow veterans Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. and newcomers like Batwoman and Stargirl.

Arrow’s constant deviation from the comics was one of many reasons for her steep decline midway through her career but The Flash regularly makes sure to pay tribute to her characters, as the writers stick with her as much as possible.

Of course, there are some deviations, but not many, that risk offending your core audience, and that results in a much more enjoyable property for fans of the source material.

While some of the other shows try to do the same, The Flash’s lighthearted tone, family stories, and funny and gruesome villains make the show more accessible to people of all ages.

Which is not seen in all comics shows today, or even all Arrowverse shows, can claim to be. Arrow reminded television viewers that the small screen was a great place for superheroes.

But The Flash took that lesson and followed it, bringing audiences one of the most enjoyable superhero shows of all time and the Arrowverse such a hit show that nothing that came before or after can match its popularity levels.

When you consider that The Flash’s scarlet speedster is probably the best-known superhero the Arrowverse has adapted into a lead role, before Superman and Lois, it’s easy to see why that’s the case.

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