Why the recent Darksiders 4 leak is Fake


The last two installments of the Darksiders franchise were Darksiders 3 and Darksiders Genesis, and while the latter was more of a spinoff, it means that all four Horsemen were explored in the game: War, Death, Rage and Discord. It’s been a few years now, so many fans hope to hear more about the franchise soon.

However, when THQ Nordic recently teased that several games were in development, it also confirmed that some of them had not been announced. One of them may be a new Darksiders game, and perhaps capitalizing on this, a new “leak” has appeared. While it’s interesting, fans should know that it’s probably fake, and not holding their breath for THQ Nordic or Gunfire Games to announce it, in any case, not in this shape or form.

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What the Darksiders 4 leak says

All of this should be considered false until proven otherwise. The “leak” claims that the game is called Darksiders 4: Exodus, which violates many conventions of the franchise and is a joint marauding fight in which all four Riders can play. They claim that each Rider is, in fact, a separate class: War is a Warrior, Death is a Magician, Rage is a Killer, and Strife is a zoning Ranger (although they incorrectly spell Strife’s name as Strife throughout the post).

He claims that the gameplay is robust, “albeit heavy,” and it has new mechanics like stamina to contend with. He also claims that this is a semi-open world game, something more comparable to Destiny in terms of scale. Presumably, this means the main game, not the various expansions. And, to top it all off, it is claimed that the action of Darksiders 4 takes place after the events of the first game, which finally moves the narrative forward.

Darksiders 4: Two reasons why this leak is fake

However, there are two main reasons why this is probably a fake, and the second is ultimately the nail in the coffin. Firstly, it looks very much like a wish list, not a real leak. The general rule of thumb is that the more information is claimed to be leaked, the less likely it is to be real. The assets are not going to reveal everything, and although this is supposedly an alpha test leak, it is unrealistic to know as many details about the story as it lists, as well as so much about each class.

However, if this is not enough to convince someone, Gunfire Games (developer of Darksiders) reacted to the leak with a repost on the network. It was a simple GIF of Jay Jonah Jameson laughing. This basically seals the deal.

The presence of Darksiders 4 in development has not been confirmed.


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