Why the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Wooper Variant Makes a Big Difference


Since this is one of the most popular and successful franchises ever, it’s no surprise that fans are excited about the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which take place in the Paldea region, will contain completely new areas to explore, Pokemon to catch, and friends.

Despite the fact that a lot of attention was paid to the ability of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Terastallization, the new regional variants also aroused the interest of fans. The regional variants presented in the 7th generation games are monsters whose appearance and type have changed to adapt to the new environment, for example, Alolan Raichu of the electric/psychic type, who likes to travel on his tail. Thanks to its unique appearance and font, Paldin Whooper has already begun to attract a lot of attention.

Paldin Whooper May Portend Big Revelations

Paldin Whooper was the first regional variant featured in the third Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer. Not only does this confirm previous leaks, Paldin Whooper also stands out as the first venomous/ground—type Pokemon since Nidokuin and Nidoking were introduced in the first generation – a powerful combination that will make Whooper invincible. The Wooper will be immune to electric type attacks and resistant to combat, poisonous, stone, insect and magic attacks.

While the venomous/earth types are particularly susceptible to water, the Paldin Whooper also has a water absorption ability, which means they will heal the amphibious monster, leaving it weak only to ground, psychic, and ice attacks. Paldin Whooper’s other ability, Poison Point, can poison any opponent who touches it. Absorbing water, in particular, will make the Wooper an excellent ally in double battles, since combining it with another water-type Pokemon that knows the Surf will lead to the fact that the Wooper will heal every turn, causing damage to both opponents.

Contrary to previous assumptions, Whooper will not be one of the rumors about convergent species of Scarlet and Violet, a new type of Pokemon with almost identical appearance as the originals, but with a different type and possibly names. Although this has not yet been confirmed, it would be interesting to find out the balance between what is considered convergent and regional. Convergent species can be a great way to revive old monsters that fans know and love, but at the same time have more differences than regional counterparts. However, due to its brown color and predominance in the swamps, Paldean Wooper is clearly designated as a regional variant, continuing the trend established in the Alola region. Apart from Paldin Whooper, very few other new Pokemon have been confirmed, so fans want more ahead of the game’s November release.

The original Whooper turned into a Quagsair, a powerful monster that is slow, but strong in both offense and defense. It is safe to assume that there will be a Paldean Quagsire, but the exact type remains to be determined. It is quite possible that Paldin Whooper will have a separate evolutionary path, but any higher form of Pokemon with such a combination of type and abilities will be a strong opponent. If Quagsire follows the path laid out by Whooper, he could become one of the most powerful but easily accessible Pokemon in the game.

Although he may be small, Paldin Whooper must be powerful. It’s easy to get carried away with all the new Pokemon you need to find and catch, including the two new legendary Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but regional variants always bring a fun twist to the already beloved monsters. As players mix Pokemon during battle, Paldin Whooper can become a key member of someone’s group.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are released on November 18 on the Nintendo Switch.


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