Why the new regular series Resident Is the “Perfect Casting” for Season 6, According to the Co-Showrunner

“The Resident” is still a couple months away from returning with season 6, but the Fox medical drama is already making some moves that deserve attention. Andrew McCarthy, who debuted as Dr. Ian Sullivan in the last arc of season 5 (which you can return to by subscribing to Hulu), not only returns in the fall, but also received the status of a regular series. According to co-showrunner Andrew Chapman, adding the Brat Pack alumni was “the perfect casting.”
According to Deadline, Andrew McCarthy returns to The Resident as a permanent character whose demons will continue to cause problems in his personal life, even as he saves lives as a pediatric surgeon. The promotion did not come as a shock, as his initial casting back in April was accompanied by a message that he had the potential to become a regular player in the sixth season, and he did not leave by the end of season 5. the final.
Co-showrunner Andrew Chapman was optimistic that McCarthy would become a regular back in the Season 5 finale, as he shared with CinemaBlend earlier this year. After I noticed that Ian disappointed Cade in the fifth season, but charmed almost everyone else, Chapman commented on the fact that the actor stayed in the sixth season, saying:
Yes, we want him to stay close, and we like what you’re talking about. We just think it’s fantastic. He is both charming and narcissistic at the same time, which is such a wonderful quality in character, and kind of gives you this love/hate. We all love Cade and her relationship with the other doctors at the hospital. And now her father comes in, and he’s kind of an ass, but he’s also changed a little bit, and he’s vulnerable because he was sick. We just love it, and yes, we fully plan to bring him back as a regular character. We think Andrew McCarthy is the perfect example of a nimble, handsome, ambitious man, but he also has a bit of vulnerability that you can find. He’s kind of the perfect casting for that.
Cade may not have been thrilled with the idea of her dad hanging out with Chastain, but fans can certainly be happy that the juicy storyline with Ian that was created at the end of season 5 can be explored. The resident managed to accommodate many changes in less than half a season: his arrival to donate blood to save his daughter, followed by his decision to stay for a while, and then followed by a health crisis. Both Sullivans work under the same roof.
Depending on what happens to the consequences of the cliffhanger of Conrad’s choice, Cade may face many complications. Season five ended with Conrad finding the end of his relationship with Nick through a few flashbacks (which brought Emily VanCamp back) and being ready to make a choice between Cade and Billy. Although the episode does not reveal who he chose, Andrew Chapman revealed that “Conrad made a choice” and the creative team made a choice, so the next stage was already planned when season 5 ended.
Whether he has decided to continue his relationship with Cade or with Billy remains to be seen, and fans may have to wait until September to get all the answers on this score, but there is one thing you can count on — it’s more Andrew. McCarthy, as Jan. In the finale, Devon also decided that he would stay in Atlanta and start over with Lila instead of looking for a job in another state, so the show doesn’t lose him.
“The Resident” returns to Fox to participate in the 6th season on Tuesday, September 20, at 20:00 ET. In order to plan in advance when new shows will return in the near future, and prime time will again begin to fill with the largest network television shows, be sure to check out our schedule of television premieres for 2022.