Why the Hulu series “Castle Rock” was closed after the second season


After season 2, Castle Rock Hulu canceled the horror series; that’s why the Stephen King adaptation didn’t have a third season. Castle Rock is named after the fictional town of Castle Rock in Maine, the setting of several major works written by prolific horror writer Stephen King. The fictional city of Maine is the main setting of 15 of King’s short stories and is mentioned in 22 of his other works. While Castle Rock brought an interesting idea to King’s universe by bringing all these stories together, Castle Rock was canceled by the streaming giant Hulu.

Before Castle Rock closed, the show’s creators Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason included the Shawshank State Prison from King’s book Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Escape as the basis for several characters. It also brought back several actors familiar from King’s films, such as Sissy Spacek from Carrie, as well as Bill Skarsgard, who played Pennywise, a dancing clown in Andy Musketti’s films “It: Chapter One” and “It: Chapter Two”. Season 2 of Castle Rock changed dramatically, moving away from the original cast and characters and instead focusing on Annie Wilkes (Lizzie Kaplan) from the 1987 novel and the 1990 film adaptation of Misery. The second season also featured the city of Jerusalem Lot, Maine. Jerusalem’s Lot is the setting of King’s vampire novel The lot of Salem and this city is mentioned in his other popular works, such as Glow, Dr. Sleep and the Pet Cemetery.

Castle Rock has become a remarkable contribution to the extensive list of media adapted by Stephen King, thanks to its ability to combine the main stories and places from a fictional city into one coherent story. Both seasons have surprisingly high reviews: the first season has a current rating of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the second season has an 89%. With the success of the series, it’s hard to believe it wasn’t renewed for season 3, but Hulu chose Castle Rock for the can. That’s why Hulu closed the book on the incredible series after just two seasons.

Will there be a season 3 of Castle Rock?

Hulu’s Castle Rock revival in season three could theoretically still happen. The series is not a short source material; about 15 stories take place in Castle Rock, but the plan to cancel the series was developed long before it became known to viewers. It’s been a whole year since fans have heard any news about the 3rd season of Castle Rock. The longer the announcement dragged on, the clearer it became that there would be no more trips to Castle Rock to see Shawshank State Prison or Jerusalem. A lot. The 2nd season of Castle Rock ended on December 11, 2019, and at the end of 2020, Hulu finally announced that the series was permanently closed. So far, there have been no strong leads in the show being revived anywhere else.

Why Castle Rock was canceled

When Hulu decided to cancel the Castle Rock series after the second season, it was not based on reviews or the number of viewers. Instead, it was based on the fact that they had always intended to end the series with an Annie Wilkes story. This was due to a variety of factors, one of which includes a significant change in the company’s interest in HBO Max. While this explanation is undoubtedly true, it may also be the result of so many potential adaptations by Stephen King of major stories set in Castle Rock that focusing on the series closes off too many other opportunities for converting King’s great stories to the small screen.

How could the 3rd season of “Castle Rock” happen

At the moment, there is no information about whether Castle Rock will be launched again after its cancellation. At the same time, there were many popular shows that avoided cancellation or were restarted due to fan reaction. In addition, there is no shortage of source material in the series. For example, “Gerald’s Game” takes place in a fictional city, but in 2017 it was transformed into an incredible and disturbing feature film for Netflix. It would be a great feat—and risky — to undertake another adaptation of the story. so close to this famous release. There are a lot of stories going on in Castle Rock, but the plan to cancel Castle Rock was developed long before the audience knew about it. It’s been a whole year since fans have heard any news about the state of “Castle Rock” in the third season. After Hulu announced the cancellation of Castle Rock, it became clear that there would be no more trips to see the Shawshank State Prison or the Jerusalem Lot.

Why is it good that there won’t be a 3rd season of the Castle Rock series

While this may have disappointed some fans, the cancellation of Castle Rock before the third season was probably inevitable. It also wasn’t the worst thing for the show’s legacy. Many places with cult fans maintain a fan base because they were canceled before they became bad (the most famous example is probably the success of Firefly).