Why “The Girl learns the world” was canceled after season 3


While dissatisfied viewers responded with petitions to save the show, the Disney channel canceled “The Girl Learns the World” after season 3. For most of the 1990s, the original series “Boy Learns the World” was one of the most influential sitcoms of its time and remained popular for a long time. the cornerstone of the TGIF block. Characters like Corey (Ben Savage), Sean (Ryder Strong) and Topanga (Daniel Fishel) have become pop culture icons, and it’s no surprise that Disney decided to resurrect “Boy Meets World” for a new generation in the midst of a television revival. hobby.

The premiere of the series “The Girl learns the world” took place on the Disney channel in 2014 and became a kind of continuation of its predecessor “The Boy learns the world”. The original trio and other well-known “Boy Meets World” characters appeared either regularly or occasionally as adults, while the essence of the reboot focused on Riley (Rowan Blanchard), the daughter of Cory and Topanga. Alongside Riley in the cast of Girl Meets World was her own best friend Shawna Maya (Sabrina Carpenter), while a possible Topanga for Corey Riley appeared as Lucas (Peyton Meyer), one of their classmates.

Unlike most Disney Channel shows, “Girl Meets World” received positive reviews from critics. Despite the fact that it is still a product aimed at teenagers, Girl Meets World has managed to attract attention, especially for those who grew up on Boy Meets World and now have their own families. Older teenagers also tuned in to the show in large numbers. Although by the third season the ratings had indeed dropped significantly compared to the peak, “Girl Knows the World” still had a loyal audience. However, the problem for Disney Channel, which led to the premature cancellation of Girl Meets World in the first place, was who was watching. The target audience of the Disney Channel was children aged 6 to 14, and this younger group mostly avoided the sequel of the sitcom.

Audience demographics led to the cancellation of the show Girl Meet World

Unlike a streaming platform like Disney+, which will happily accept subscriber dollars from anyone who wants to offer them, the success of linear cable networks largely depends on revenue from targeted advertising. Since Disney Channel is mostly leaning towards showing 6-14, this represents the type of advertising partners that the network usually attracts. When one show, such as “Girl Knows the World,” drops this key group of viewers, it essentially upsets the apple cart when it comes to the network’s entire advertising strategy, which can affect the stability of the rest of their programs. So the business side of Disney felt it had to get the axe by making him disappear—not unlike Mr. Turner from “Boy Meets World.”

During the cancellation of Girl Meets World, angry viewers took to social media to try to get Netflix to pick it up. Netflix passed, although he did not explain his decision. It’s a shame, because creator Michael Jacobs said that initially everything was being prepared for season 4, which would probably be the last in the series. Although some important events did happen before the end, for example, Sean officially adopted Maya and married her mother Katie, it may never be revealed what exactly Jacobs and his team planned for the real last year of “Girl Meets World”.


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