Why the ending hasn’t been released on History Chanel yet

Many of the fans who have not yet subscribed to the Amazon Prime Video platform are waiting for the second part of season 6 of Vikings on the History Channel television. But, what has happened that has not been released?

The Amazon platform had the first window to the second half of the sixth season and releasing all the episodes on December 30. But what happened to the deal that was made with History Channel.

The deal could be seen as a smart move as MGM Television producers seek to better monetize costly period drama at a time when revenues from basic cable networks like History continue to decline. History also benefits from a likely reduced license fee, as it now has a second window and more revenue to use for developing other scripted series.

Amazon and Hulu have streaming rights for the first five seasons and left the first half of the sixth season earlier this year following their first window on History.

“On December 30, Prime members in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Ireland will be the first to learn about the fates of the beloved characters as the epic drama wraps up in the final 10 episodes.” Said Brad Beale, vice president of worldwide content licensing at Amazon.

The same creator of the series, Michael Hirst, also spoke about the premiere on Amazon Prime Video:

“Prime Video will uniquely expose the series finale to a broadcast audience first. Prepare to be in awe and many surprises along the way. And if you have tears to shed, prepare to shed them too.”

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But luckily Vikings fans without a Prime Video membership will be able to enjoy it on History Channel television in the coming months.



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