Why the Demon Slayer avoids the curse of the Anime Timeline


In the anime adaptation of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, it’s easy to avoid the chronology issues that have plagued the anime for years. Anime adaptations often face the problem of pace, which leads to decisions that negatively affect both the series and how it is perceived by fans in general. Fortunately, for various reasons, it is unlikely that the anime “Demon Killer” will face the same problems.

When a manga gets an anime adaptation, since the manga being adapted is usually still in the process of being written, the anime often has to tinker with the pace of the story to prevent it from getting too close to where the manga is. Sometimes scenes in an episode stretch longer than necessary, but usually studios create original filler arches that can last for months, or even a whole year. This practice was especially common in the 90s and 2000s, when anime most often ran for a year or longer without interruptions, and famous anime such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Bleach, both Naruto and Boruto, and Yu-Gi-Oh! they are vivid and notorious examples of this.

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Fortunately, it’s unlikely that the Demon Slayer anime will fall into the same traps, mainly because the story is already over. The Demon Slayer manga ended in May 2020, and the anime didn’t start until April 2019, when the manga had already entered its final arc. This means that the anime has always been far enough away from the manga to not require a filler from the beginning, and when the manga is finished, it will probably never be needed.

Demon Slayer is Not the Only anime Avoiding Filler content

However, “Demon Slayer” is far from the only anime that has received such treatment. The Shaman King 2021 anime doesn’t need to worry about filler, because the original manga has been completed for over a decade, and although the manga is still ongoing, due to the fact that it took 25 years for it to get an anime adaptation, jojo’s Bizarre Adventure also doesn’t need to worry about filler. Similarly, “Steel Alchemist: Brotherhood” managed to adapt the original anime “Steel Alchemist” with very few fillers due to the fact that the manga began in the last year of the manga serialization; this is especially impressive when you remember that the original anime “Steel Alchemist” is quite notorious for eventually telling a completely original story. Moreover, for many years, many anime, such as “My Hero Academy” and “Attack of the Titans”, refused to continuously show episodes for months and years and instead preferred to break them into one or two “courses” — a block of about twelve to thirteen. episodes are in the time before the break, which allows the manga to move on, giving the staff a well-deserved break.

The anime industry has been taking steps for years to avoid over-filling, whether it’s choosing another manga to adapt or changing the way anime is created. Although there are deviations from time to time, especially when it comes to older companies such as Toei Animation and anime, which have been operating since fillers were still commonplace, such as One Piece, this is no longer the problem that it used to be. Thanks to this, there is no need to doubt that the anime “Demon Killer” will be able to tell its story without getting bogged down in unnecessary content.


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