Why the CW franchise was canceled with season 8

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After eight seasons on The CW and many fans, Arrow – the series that started the Arrowverse – has come to an end. A sad situation for many fans who undoubtedly wanted to see a lot more of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

The series, which paved the way for other comics like The Flash, Supergirl, and Batwoman to take over the small screen through The CW, saw an opportunity to bring a worthy closure to the Oliver Queen story in season 6.

It was precisely in that installment of Arrow that actor Stephen Amell realized that he was ready to let go of his character, so it was basically his decision that the series end after eight years on the air.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Amell explained that although he was afraid to step out of the series, being with his wife and daughter was a major reason to venture to say goodbye to his character on Arrow. This was what he said:

“I’m already 38 years old and I got this job when I was 30. No job had lasted more than 1 year. The fact that yours has been a part of this for a decade and I no longer participate is a little scary.”

“My daughter is six years old. She studies in Los Angeles, my wife and I want to raise her in the city.”

Originally, the actor wanted to leave the series after the end of the seventh season. However, producer Greg Berlandi managed to persuade him to participate in a final season.

Berlanti himself pointed out that both the producers and the technical team that was part of the series, felt in their hearts that it was time to finish Arrow.

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