Why the Crisis is still the biggest mystery of the fifth season of “Cobra Kai”


What will happen next for John Creese remains the greatest mystery of the fifth season of Cobra Kai. The end of season 4, apparently, marked the beginning of a new dark chapter for Martin Cove’s character “Karate Kid”. Right after his students won the All Valley Karate Tournament, Crease was stabbed in the back by his closest associate Terry Silver.

Crease’s arrest for allegedly assaulting a Stingray was the culmination of several decisions made by the character in season 4. From the very beginning, Crease was determined to get Silver to help him defeat Daniel and Johnny in the tournament. Unfortunately, his efforts had unfortunate consequences. Not only did he force Terry Silver to reveal his dark side again, but he also went too far by using the “debt” that Silver owes him. Having obviously given up on a better life, Silver returned to his Karate Kid Part III roots. Having framed Kriz for beating the Stingray, the villain captured the dojo. Now he is independently expanding the Cobra Kai brand.

The teaser trailer for the fifth season of “Cobra Kai” gave an idea of what Silver would do in the Valley, but, oddly enough, avoided the Crisis. With the end of season 4 and the trailer, the series has given some important hints about what the future holds for most of its main characters, including Daniel, Miguel, Robbie, Johnny and even Chozen. But in the case of the Crisis, there are no details about what place he occupies in the history of the fifth season of “Cobra Kai”. In the season 4 finale, he went to prison, but how long he will stay there and what will happen when he inevitably gets out is still unknown.

What will be the story of the Crisis in season 5 of “Cobra Kai”?

What is unique about the place of the Crisis in season 5 of “Cobra Kai” is how isolated he is from all the other characters. He was Daniel’s enemy from the very beginning, he pushed Johnny away, and now his relationship with Silver is broken. In other words, neither side in the upcoming dojo war is likely to want him. While Crease’s recent actions suggest redemption for his character is on the table, Daniel and Johnny’s prospects of easily accepting him as an ally against Terry Silver are much smaller. Theoretically, it is possible to convince Daniel, Johnny or Chozen to team up with him, but reaching this point can be a long and difficult path.

Another option for the path that Kriz can take in the fifth season of “Cobra Kai” is the opening of a new karate dojo. If he did, he would have a chance to get Tori on his side, especially since she may be the only key character still in his corner. But this may also require the Crisis to overcome some big obstacles. In the end, Cobra Kai did not say how long this would leave Kriza in a legal impasse. He can get out of jail as quickly as one episode, or proving his innocence can be the focus of a season-long storyline.


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