Why the crimson Countess betrayed the boy soldier in “Boys”


Attention! There are spoilers ahead for the 3rd season of the 5th series of “Boys”.

The Boys revealed why the Crimson Countess betrayed the Boy Soldier long before the fifth episode. In the fictional universe of Boys, there are three very different versions of the disappearance of the Boy Soldier. The public believes he died in Ohio protecting Uncle Sam from a nuclear reactor meltdown. Those who survived the incident in Nicaragua in 1984 believe that the Boy Soldier was killed by Russian soldiers, and his corpse was taken away for investigation. The truth is that the Boy Soldier was handed over by a Russian teammate and girlfriend of Reckoning, the Crimson Countess, and then taken away alive for decades of painful experiments.

This revelation became known only thanks to the Boys who accidentally freed a Boy Soldier during a mission in Moscow in season 3 of Boys. Returning to the American shores and taking his costume from the Legend, the Boy Soldier goes straight to Crimson. The Countess with revenge is firmly in mind. When her exasperated ex-boyfriend demands answers, the Countess reveals that she “hated” the Boy Soldier, and claims that these feelings were shared by other Payback participants. She didn’t even get paid in return. The Soldier Boy goes nuclear before the Crimson Countess has time to clarify further, but did she really betray the Soldier Boy just because she hated him? And what caused her such a strong offense?

The Soldier Boy may have loved the Crimson Countess, but love was not enough to keep his loyalty. During flashbacks to Nicaragua in the third season of Boys, Jensen Ackles’ character shamelessly flirts with Mallory in front of the Scarlet Countess, who angrily rolls her eyes. The scene clearly hints that this is not an isolated case, and their relationship is suffering because of infidelity on the part of the Boy Soldier. Additional information appeared via Gunpowder in the 2nd episode of the 3rd season of “Boys”. MM discovered a historical complaint that a former friend of a Soldier of the Battlefield filed against his mentor. Gunpowder assures Billy Butcher that these incidents were not of a sexual nature, but admits that the Boy Soldier was violent and violent. Such details paint the image of the Boy Soldier as a hedonistic, selfish celebrity who treated his teammates (even his girlfriend) as for accessories that need to be offended or thrown away at your discretion. The betrayal in Nicaragua was partly due to gm… payback, and partly with getting rid of the tormentor, whom the public adores and whom it is almost impossible to kill.

As season 3 of “Boys” continues to unfold, it will be interesting to find out if Black Noir was involved in the betrayal of the Boy Soldier in Payback. Noir was shown with Stan Edgar discussing a more important role in the team during flashbacks in episode 3, and “Boys Present: Diabolical” confirmed that Noir became the main superhero of Vaught after the disbandment of Payback. Since he did much more good than the Crimson Countess attraction rescuing chimpanzees, it is possible that Noir helped organize the capture of his leader. It is interesting to note that the treacherous turn of the “Crimson Countess” in “Boys” may explain why Mallory witnessed a parody of the Scarlet Witch using her powers against friendly soldiers when the 1984 attack occurred, and why the usually accurate Gunpowder mowed down everything that moved.

From the point of view of the narrative, the betrayal of the Crimson Countess is created as a perfect mirror between the Reckoning and the Seven. Soldier Boy is a less terrible version of Homelander—a leader who treats his teammates like dirt, and the Crimson Countess is Queen Maeve—a downtrodden former partner who felt powerless to fight back for years. Gunpowder is comparable to Deep or A-Train as a sycophantic follower who tolerates bullying and abusive behavior in exchange for the privilege of being known. The irony, of course, is how Butcher and Huey use a “former Homeland resident” to defeat the real deal in the third season of “Boys.”

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