Why the Christmas release date of “Ghostbusters 4” makes sense


The news that the sequel to “Ghostbusters: The Afterlife” — “Ghostbusters 4” will be released in December 2023 is quite logical for many reasons, not least thanks to the impressive box office of its predecessor from the franchise. Despite many delays, due to which the release date of the film was postponed by more than a year, “Ghostbusters: The Afterlife” proved to be a success after its release in 2021. Although they were not as critically acclaimed (or financially successful) as “The Best Shooter: Maverick”, another nostalgic sequel to the 80s, whose release date is July 2020. repeatedly postponed, “Ghostbusters: The Afterlife” continued to enjoy great success with critics and viewers.

“Ghostbusters: The Afterlife” earned an impressive $204 million at the box office and boasts a superb 94 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which means there’s obviously an appetite for another installment of the franchise. Therefore, it is not surprising that the sequel to “Ghostbusters: Life after Death” should be released in 2023. However, viewers may be surprised by the release date of the sequel.

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While “Ghostbusters: The Afterlife” was originally conceived as a summer blockbuster, the film eventually appeared in theaters in November 2021. Now the sequel to “Ghostbusters: The Afterlife” is due out in December 2023 and will take place in New York, and it’s a nostalgic setting with a slightly unexpected release date for the film. The original New York “Ghostbusters” (as well as “Gremlins” of the same year) was a huge success after its summer release, but decades later became a staple of Christmas television due to its status as a rare family horror comedy. As a result, it makes sense for the sequel “Ghostbusters: The Afterlife” to recreate this formula.

Both “Gremlins” and “Ghostbusters” were a rare combination of laughter and (light) fear, which was the perfect antidote to the often cloying holiday season offerings. While many Christmas-themed horror films are too dark to become mainstream hits due to their subversion of the holiday, the surprisingly cute Ghostbusters: The Afterlife was able to survive the crowded winter release schedule precisely because it was a little less sentimental than most Christmas movies and much less darker than most holiday horrors. Since “Ghostbusters: The Afterlife” didn’t suffer despite the release date being pushed back from July to November, and instead may have ended up performing better than expected in a later slot, the sequel’s December 2023 release date is a reasonable choice by the filmmakers..

“Ghostbusters: Life After Death” changed the franchise formula from a friendly comedy from the original films to a more family-friendly storyline after the failure of the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters, which was closer to the storyline of the original films. While this made “Ghostbusters: Life After Death” look less like the original “Ghostbusters,” it also revived interest in the franchise and made the sequel’s Christmas release even more reasonable. Now part of a family comedy series (despite the many demons and ghosts), “Ghostbusters: Life After Death” and its sequel “Ghostbusters 4” can capitalize on this tonal shift by redoubling efforts and making the follow-up movie a holiday hit again.