Why the character is vital for season two


The second season of Bridgerton is a possibility for Netflix after the success of the debut season. The first season of the romantic era drama launched on the streaming platform in December 2020, the series follows the love stories of the Bridgerton family.

Bridgerton is based on the novels of Julia Quinn, Shonda Rhimes’ masterpiece told an ancient love story through quirky and modern ways, and viewers have fallen in love with the drama.

In turn, the first season was based on the book titled The Duke and I, which follows Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) on her quest to find true love. A few questions remain about whether Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) will ever find love, and whether Penelope will be able to get over her feelings for Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton).

If the TV series is renewed for a second season and continues to use the original material, the second season should follow the events of The Viscount Who Loved Me as it is the second book in the novel series.

For its part, the series’ second book focuses on the plight of Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), who lost the woman he loved in the first season.

Recall that at the end of the first season of Bridgerton, Anthony promised to strive to find a wife, something he has always put off, in the book, Anthony chooses a wife, but ends up fighting with his older sister, Kate Sheffield.

For one thing, Kate is determined to stop the wedding between her sister and Anthony, so Anthony realizes that he may have unwanted feelings for Kate. If the second season is inspired by the second book, a new cast member can join for the role of Kate.

This is why Anthony’s future wife will also be an addition to the second season of Bridgerton, which is why Bridgerton fans are excited about a revived cast. So it is clear that without the character of Anthony’s wife, season 2 will not be the same for fans of Julia Quinn’s novels.