Why the biggest game of the year in the Golden Ring passes without a trace


Elden Ring has conquered the world by attracting old and new players to Soulsborne, and yet the biggest competition in the game for the game of the year is Stray, a small game featuring a cat. Both games have been extremely popular for various reasons since their release. However, it is surprising that these two games are the most popular this year.

Elden Ring is a giant role—playing game focused on boss battles and exploration; it’s a Soulsborne game that many fans have died for. Meanwhile, Stray is a short game about a cat in the underworld created by a small independent gaming company. And a Tramp with a cute cat exploring a cyberpunk city won the hearts of many players in a way that Elden Ring failed to do. Both games are good, but good in different ways, which explains their popularity.

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Many players love games developed by small independent companies, and Stray is one of those games. There is love and skill in these small games that are often missing in AAA games developed by larger companies. Elden Ring is a masterpiece that has rewritten what it means for open world games. Stray, however, is a reminder to large companies that a small game about a cat can be enough to become the game of the year.

The heartfelt story of Stray and the charming protagonist

Elden Ring and Stray have great visuals and fun gameplay, but the reason many players love Stray is because of the sincere plot. Elden Ring has a story with a lot of spoilers, but in the usual Soulsborne manner, the plot is often difficult to understand and may require players to search for items. However, Stray’s story is linear; he has a beginning and an end that plays can follow. Despite the fact that there are dark moments in Stray, there is a message of hope at the heart, which many payers have seized on.

Another reason for the incredible popularity of the Tramp is the main character-a cat. Players control a cute cat and indulge in various feline activities in the game, such as meowing and scratching various objects. Despite the occasional moments of chaos that the cat brings, the creature is a driving force for good, seeking to help its robot allies escape from the underground city.

Despite Stray’s current popularity, it is unlikely that it will remain popular as the game is shorter than Elden Ring. And at the moment when plausible leaks of information about the Elden Ring DLC appear, the Tramp will most likely be pushed aside. But Stray can win the game of the year, and players who support small gaming companies can hope that it will happen.


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