Why the Alliance of the Remaining Big Brother 24 may break up by the end of the week


Big Brother 24 has not let go of the gas since the first week, so it should not be surprising that some major drama was being prepared live this week. Unfortunately, it seems that the drama mentioned involves a development that many fans won’t want to hear about. The Leftovers alliance could be a thing of the past by the end of this week after everything that happened before and after the veto ceremony.

Fans who have been following the recent Big Brother live events with a Paramount+ subscription now have reason to believe that the “Abandoned” is over. Here’s what happened and why it could mean the end of the majority group, thereby creating a power vacuum for a potential takeover by another alliance.

Kyle refused to use the veto power so Taylor could block Alyssa, and he had the support

When The Leftovers first approached Kyle Kapener about how he would feel about getting rid of his showgirl Alyssa Snyder in the coming weeks, he behaved as if there was nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, he had to put his money into what he was saying with his latest veto win, as Week 6 household head Taylor Hale decided she wanted to block Alyssa this week. Kyle changed his mind and did not want to take this step, and, surprisingly, he had several supporters “Left” in the person of Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoops.

Michael and Brittany realize that they are at the lower end of the totem pole for The Leftovers, and that an alliance with Kyle and Alyssa provides an opportunity to boost their status in the game. With such figures, they may in the near future attract another guest who is not part of Leftovers House, and strike a blow at one of the main players in the group. Of course, Michael and Brittany didn’t express all this directly when Taylor and others were confronted with the fact that they sided with Kyle, but, in fact, this is what happens. They need to beat Joseph Abdin, Monte Taylor and Matt Turner to win, and an alliance with Kyle and Alyssa gives them a chance to do it.

Kyle didn’t use a veto, and no one is happy

Joseph, Monte, Turner and Taylor see Kyle’s refusal to cooperate as a huge red flag and strongly doubt his loyalty to the “Abandoned” in the long term. This should be of particular concern to Monte, Joseph and Turner, as Kyle is a key member of The Pound, a group within The Leftovers that hopes to make it to the Final 4. Now they need to worry about Kyle trying to cross off on his own with another alliance and potentially betraying them when they least expect it.

As for Kyle, his decision to protect Alyssa made him go ahead. He may be safe for now, but he will need to take some steps so that his allies don’t turn against him sooner rather than later. Kyle talks more with Jasmine Davis and Terrence Higgins, who could prove vital to turning The Leftovers around if he decides to betray The Leftovers with Brittany and Michael.

This Thursday presents the perfect chance to do away with the leftovers

If the events of today and the days ahead do not officially put an end to The Leftovers, it will almost certainly happen next week. Big Brother teased that the upcoming Thursday would bring a new twist unlike any other. This new twist will split the house into two separate halves and the week will end and eventually evict two guests in a double eviction. Both sides will have zero contact, which is not good for The Leftovers.

This turnaround comes at a time when there is a high level of distrust in The Leftovers, and people are wondering if they should take any big steps. Assuming that the house is divided into two equal halves, any guest of the house has a real opportunity to advance in their game by destroying several key targets. It will be much easier for the rest of us to betray each other than to stick together, so I expect big steps to be taken next week. Will The Leftovers stay after that? We’ll have to wait and see, and hope the drama is big enough for someone to throw up again.

“Big Brother” airs on CBS (opens in a new tab) on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. We’ll see how the map will turn out when next week starts, and who might look like a guest in a much better position to win when the dust settles.


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