Why the 4th season of “Manifesto” is so well suited for Netflix after the cancellation of NBC, according to the executive director


It’s been almost a year since Netflix rescued the canceled NBC drama about the missing plane, Manifest, and I hope that the time will come soon to get to know the passengers of Flight 828 again when the fourth and final season premieres on the streamer. Despite the fact that Netflix initially decided not to take the series after the cancellation, the authorities changed their minds thanks to the stellar performance of Manifest viewers on the platform. Now, executive director Ginny Hou explains why the drama is so well suited for a streaming service.

Ginny Hou, head of drama development at Netflix, told Deadline about several of the platform’s most popular dramas, including the fan-favorite “Manifesto.” Howe acknowledged that while the series may not seem automatically appropriate for their library of originals, there are several aspects that prove that a convoluted riddle suits the streamer. According to her:

I think Manifest is a really funny show with so many different entry points and such a wonderful ensemble of characters. It may be a show you wouldn’t normally expect from a Netflix drama, but for us it’s just a best-in-class hybrid procedural show driven by characters. For me, what I really love is watching how many different conversations, fans talk all the time about how the show will end, and how people come back and review in search of clues; It’s really a lot of fun, and I think more and more people are starting to watch the show.

The manifesto saved from the cancellation of Netflix was definitely an event for TV fans in 2021, and it definitely helped that the first three seasons seemed to attract the same attention to the streaming service as they did to NBC. Premature cancellation is always hard, although any possible revivals seem much more festive, and with so many fans watching “Manifesto” and supporting theories and conversations, it puts it in the same place as other Netflix hits like “Very Strange Things” and “The Stranger Things.” Umbrella Academy. It will also be nice not to wait a whole week between each new episode, not counting the break between each part.

It’s also interesting to hear Ginny Howe talk about her and others’ love for Manifest at the company, given that creator Jeff Rake admitted that he basically knew things were going awry at NBC, just from colleagues on the network, saying nothing about it from a creative point of view, with only financial details surfacing. At the moment, it doesn’t seem to be the case with Netflix.

There is little information about the upcoming fourth and final season, which will be divided into two parts. Earlier this summer, Netflix released a special edition of Manifest Season 4 during Geeked Week, and there will also reportedly be a couple of big announcements this weekend about 828 Day, named after the flight to Manifest. But the streaming service has not confirmed anything, so far it is only rumors.

Meanwhile, filming of the 4th season of “Manifesto” has been going on for quite some time. Jeff Rake warned fans to be prepared when he shared a photo from the set of the funeral. Of course, he never revealed whose funeral it was or when it would take place, so viewers should probably have napkins on hand.

All three seasons of Manifesto are broadcast on Netflix by subscription. Check out CinemaBlend’s Netflix TV schedule to find out what else will be on the streamer in the coming months.


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