Why Terry Silver defeated Johnny so easily in Season 4 of Cobra Kai


Terry Silver easily defeated Johnny Lawrence in season 4 of Cobra Kai. Johnny’s fights in the Netflix series confirm that, despite his defeat in the Karate Kid, he is not inferior to Daniel LaRusso when it comes to karate. But while he can fight Daniel to a stalemate, he failed to achieve the same results against Silver.

Played by Ian Thomas Griffith, Terry Silver became the main villain of Cobra Kai. As a charismatic and wealthy karate instructor capable of turning children into weapons, Silver is without a doubt a serious problem for the other dojos in the series. But it’s not just these elements of his character that make him so dangerous. Although he gave up karate for many years, it didn’t take him long to get back into fighting shape. The skills he applied in “Cobra Kai” prove that he is one of the most formidable fighters of the show. This fact was demonstrated in the eighth episode of Season 4, when Terry Silver forced Johnny to fight in the original Cobra Kai Dojo. A short one-on-one battle ended with a brutal beating of Johnny Silver.

Silver’s victory—and the ease with which he achieved it—was an unexpected moment for the character, especially if you take into account his advanced age and Johnny’s own capabilities in Cobra Kai. But although what Silver did was a testament to his skills and a sign that he may well be the best Cobra Kai fighter, it is important to note that the circumstances of the fight largely influenced the result. In the end, Terry won so easily because he ambushed Johnny, immediately seized control of the fight and did not give up for a moment. Having the element of surprise on his side was the key to Silver’s triumph over Johnny.

As an experienced karate practitioner, Silver understands the importance of controlling combat, which is why he was so ruthless in his attacks. Having dealt a blow to his opponent, Terry Silver continued his ruthless attack and at the same time maintained the advantage throughout the fight. Johnny was at a great disadvantage from the start, and fighting someone as experienced as Silver only further worsened his prospects of somehow coming out on top.

The way Silver defeated Johnny raises an interesting question: Would Johnny have won if Silver hadn’t blinded him? His inability to properly adjust and recover under the pressure of Silver’s barrage of punches gave the impression that although the fight was indeed unfair, he would still lose. Based on how Silver behaved in their fight, there is a feeling that his fighting skills are superior to those of Johnny and possibly Daniel. Johnny may have to work on improving his skills if a rematch takes place in the fifth season of Cobra Kai.