Why Terry Farrell left the show like Jadzia Dax


While the Star Trek franchise has become more polarizing when it comes to fans in recent years with Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Picard, there is another series that earned recognition, generally praising its writing and character development: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

However, there were a few options here and there that fans were offended with, one of which was the death of Jadzia Dax, played by Terry Farrell.

The reason for her death and her subsequent departure from the cast of hers is a topic often discussed among fans, many of whom suspect she had more to do with Rick Berman and her behavior than the actual contract. by Terry Farrell.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all rosy for Terry Farrell in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. In fact, Farrell has revealed that working with Rick Berman was something of a misogynistic nightmare.

“The problems with my departure were with Rick Berman. In my opinion, he is very misogynistic. He commented that your bra size was not voluptuous. ”

In addition to the issues with Rick Berman, Terry Farrell has said that he was struggling to handle his chaotic schedule with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. According to Farrell, this was one of the main reasons he decided to leave the show when his contract expired.

“I would have been so happy if they let me be a recurring (character) last season, so I didn’t have to be in every episode. I was really tired. ”

Like many other Star Trek actors, Terry Farrell enjoyed his character and his time on the show. However, she certainly was nervous when she started Star Trek: Deep Space Nine over various situations that led to her leaving the series.

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