Why Sunset’s Heather Ray El Moussa’s Sale Called Husband Tarek a “hero” After a Flight Delay Nightmare


Summer, as a rule, was the time when most people who like to travel, take off their cargo and run away to their favorite places to get much-needed rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, this year, extremely long flight delays, security waiting times and cancelled flights are increasingly common for people. Newlyweds Heather Ray and Tarek El Moussa recently had such an experience of their own, and now the expectant mother has called her HGTV star husband a “hero” for showing himself during a difficult flight.

What happened during Heather Ray and Tarek El Moussa’s flight delay nightmare?

The last few months have been filled with a lot of personal and professional ups and downs for Heather Ray El Moussa from Selling Sunset and her Flipping 101 star husband Tarek El Moussa. One thing that seems obvious is that the couple is willing to stand by and support each other in anything that might come in handy when they face frustrating or even frightening travel-related issues. According to posts in both of their Instagram stories (via people), El Moussa’s attempt to get from New York’s JFK Airport to his California home on Monday was a test that forced the former Flip or Flop host to intervene when another passenger became noisy. in flight. Heather Ray noted in her Instagram:

I have a story for you. My husband did something very heroic when during our flight a man went crazy and verbally and physically got into the faces of flight attendants and pilots. My husband was a hero today.

Based on what each of El Moussa posted when they tried to fly home, they spent most of Monday at the airport, delayed with several changes and delays at the boarding gate, with a two-hour wait in line for screening and another two-hour wait. as soon as they were finally able to board their plane due to an engine problem.

El Moussa (who received well wishes from his ex-wife Christina Hall and her other ex-husband, Ant Anstead, on the baby news after dealing with some fertility issues earlier this year) ended up facing a nine-hour flight delay, which then led to their flight being completely cancelled and they had to return to the airport the next day.

Although Heather Ray did not specify that their fellow passenger was so angry that it led to Tarek’s intervention, given all the problems with boarding this plane, I would not be surprised if this person was fed up to the point that he lost the ability to keep his cool with any additional difficulties associated with his travel needs. regardless of whether they were directly related to the flight crew or not.

Fortunately, Heather Ray and Tarek El Moussa (who got married in October 2021 and filmed their wedding for a TV show) got home without further incident during a trip to the airport the next day. Hopefully, they will have enough time to relax and enjoy summer co-parenting with Kristina Hall before returning to filming their real estate shows. I know I’m tired just thinking about everything they went through to get home.