Why Southern Charm Fans Love Ravenella Debbie’s Mother of Bread


Ravenell Bread joined the cast of the 8th season of “Southern Charm”, appearing with his girlfriend Catherine Dennis, who regularly stars in the series, and fans love his mother Debbie. Catherine and Bread started dating in July 2020, and moved in together six months later. Bread agreed to take off the show to strengthen his relationship with Catherine.

Catherine first appeared in the first season, and she began a stormy relationship with Thomas. Throughout Catherine and Thomas’ complicated relationship, they had two children, Kensington “Kensi” Calhoun and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel. They broke up in 2016, after two years on camera and countless ups and downs. Later, Catherine found Bread, and also met his mother Debbie.

The stars of “Southern Charm” Bread and Catherine became Instagram officials in October 2020, and Bread was first mentioned in the series during the Season 7 reunion when Catherine was asked about her new boyfriend. Bread told US Weekly about his experience filming the show, saying: “I thought maybe it would bring us together because I’ve never been on a show before. And she tells me that it will tear us apart. I thought: “No, no, we’ll get closer.” But it separated us.” When Bread needs guidance, he can always turn to his mother, who is a real favorite of fans of “Southern Charm”.

Debbie’s Bread Mom gives great advice

At the premiere of the series, Catherine threw a party in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Great Catsby, at which the drama definitely played out. Bread said that he talked with his colleague in the film Venita Aspen, trying to mend the relationship between Catherine and Venita. This prompted Catherine to call Bread “unfaithful” in the series. Bread and Catherine left her party early and continued to argue the next day at their shared house. He left their house and called his mother Debbie for advice.

Through the Bluetooth system in the Bread machine, viewers could hear Bread and Debbie discussing problems in their relationship with Catherine. Bread told his mother that he felt that Catherine was alienating him from his family. He said, “She’s trying to take away my time from you, from my family. She always says no, I have to come first. If I have nothing to do, then you can hang out with them.” Even after that, Debbie sympathized with Catherine, saying, “She sees how connected we are… she wants that kind of love because her mom died. That’s why she started getting close to me… She just needs someone in her life.” Catherine’s mother passed away in August 2019, and she understandably needed support. Debbie said that she became close to Catherine and helped take care of her children several times a week.

Debbie said she’d call Catherine.

After Bread stated that he did not know what else to do, his mother offered to call Catherine, explaining that she could treat her as a single mother. Debbie ended the conversation as sweetly as she started, saying, “Kisses! Katherine offended many actors and viewers, but Debbie’s kind point of view reminded fans (and Bread) to treat Katherine with kindness (and no doubt) when evaluating her behavior.

Catherine welcomed Bread into the house after a five-day separation and Debbie’s advice. Debbie encouraged Catherine to let Bread know how much she cares about him by cooking homemade food and discussing their problems. However, this discussion turned into a continuation of where their dispute stopped.

Catherine accused Bread of a lack of empathy for her during her custody battle with Thomas Ravenel and of emotional inaccessibility. Bread replied that he felt that Catherine didn’t care about his feelings, and that it was difficult for him to step into the role of a mother-of-two’s boyfriend. It seems that the custody situation of Catherine and her children has complicated her relationship with Bread. He expressed his concerns, saying, “I didn’t know what I was getting into before I met you. Three months into our relationship, you threw the kids right at me.”

The parting of Bread and Catherine attracted the attention of viewers, but fans may have been more interested in Debbie’s mom. The Reddit thread started when user u/eegeddes wrote: “Bread is not so amazing… But? Debbie??? She’s a role model that the entire cast NEEDS!” Fans urged Bravo to invite Debbie as a guest bartender in “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” and even replace the usual Patricia Altschul as the matriarch of the show. The audience appreciated the “voice of reason”, which could give a balanced point of view.


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