Why Sony Didn’t Offer a Cheap PlayStation 5 Model


Speaking to a Japanese website, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan explained why the company does not offer a cheap alternative. Ryan said a cheap game console would be ‘problematic’ in the future.

Microsoft has shown us that it will enter the new generation player console world with not only one, but two different consoles. Even the price tags that the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will have both abroad and in our country were announced (later removed). It was a question that Microsoft released two consoles, one with high specs and one lower but still with good features.

That question was why Microsoft’s rival Sony did not release two different PlayStation 5 consoles like Microsoft. The answer to this question was given today by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan. Jim said a less powerful PlayStation 5 alternative could be ‘problematic’ in the long run.

Considered but not correct:

Speaking to the Japanese website AV Watch, Jim Ryan explained why the company is not interested in launching an alternative PlayStation 5 game console. Ryan ‘If we look at the history of the gaming industry; Building a low-priced and low-spec console has not shown good results in the past. We thought about this option and other executives who thought about it discovered how problematic it was. ‘ used his statements and continued as follows:

“According to our research, people who buy a game console want to continue using it for four, five, six or even seven years. They want to believe that they have bought something that will not be affected by the future and that is not considered old in two to three years.”

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Alongside these remarks, Jim Ryan said, as an homage to Microsoft’s approach to next-generation game consoles, “I respect every competitor’s decision and opinion.” used the expression. According to Ryan’s statements, Sony believes that the advantages of a single console will outweigh the advantages of a cheaper console.

Many gamers enjoyed the fact that Microsoft offered a cheap alternative. However, it is not possible to predict how realistic Sony and Jim Ryan’s thoughts are due to the rapid development of technology and the game industry. We will only be able to see where Microsoft will be with the Xbox Series S in the coming years.


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