Why some fans of the 90-day-old groom loved Ariela more before She Lost weight


The popular star of “The 90-day groom” Ariela Weinberg has made an incredible journey to lose weight, but some fans believe that her personality was more attractive before the transformation. TLC viewers may know the New Jersey native from the series “90-Day Groom: Another Way” season 2 in 2020, where she appeared with her little dad Biniyam Shibre. When Ariela first debuted in the series, she was a pregnant woman whose form was changing, as she expected. She gave birth to her first son by emergency Caesarean section and has been in the process of losing weight ever since. Fast forward two years, and now Ariela looks almost unrecognizable both on and off the screen.

The 31-year-old star of the reality show “90-day groom” previously said that breastfeeding a baby helped her lose weight. As well as training with her beau. Ariela shared that she lost 50 pounds after the birth of her son. Last year, she also opted for beauty treatments such as lip filling, which she believes improved her appearance and fixed her uneven smile. While Ariela is happy with how she looks after these procedures and weight loss, some viewers are unhappy with how much she has changed over time.

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One of the main reasons some fans liked Ariela in the second season of “The 90-Day Groom: The Other Way” was her aura. At that time, she was a pregnant woman who didn’t like a lot of glitz and glamour, so she was very attractive. In a show filled with a female cast who cares too much about their appearance, Ariela was a breath of fresh air due to the minimal use of makeup. She didn’t chase the influence of influencers on Instagram and cared not only about her appearance. However, after losing weight, Ariela seems to have focused more on the image. She clearly wants to show her best side, and some fans don’t find her authentic or interesting.

Another reason why fans liked the former Ariela was her choice of clothes and sense of style. She used to like to wear traditional Ethiopian clothes, especially during pregnancy. Viewers found it unique, as Ariela looked like a sweet mom, not a cheeky imitator of influence. One of her photos taken in 2021 shows how dramatically her personal style has changed after losing weight, which some followers don’t appreciate. Recently, she has been ridiculed for dressing in revealing outfits.

Fans think that Ariela has become a spoiled girl after achieving her fitness goals. She almost demanded that her parents pay her rent in the United States, as well as her other bills, until she found a way to finance her lifestyle. In the second season of the series “Bride for 90 Days: Another Way”, most viewers saw her as a responsible woman who did not hesitate to work hard to achieve her goals. However, according to some fans of 90 Day Fiancé, after losing weight, Ariela became a completely new person who became less cute and more annoying.