Why some fans of the 90-day-old groom can’t stand Darcy Silva


The “90-day Groom” star Darcy Silva has always been known for her shocking plastic surgeries and terrible taste in men, and fans are more than ready to outshine the reality TV star. In fact, fans of the franchise can’t stop leaving negative comments about it on the Internet. Since she became one of the biggest names in the franchise and, together with her sister Stacey Silva, organized her own extra show, viewers have been quick to share their disapproval of some of her decisions. From her trip to Turkey to encouraging unrealistic standards when promoting weight loss products, her detractors are fed up with the star and her superficial antics.

Darcy has never been shy about admitting that she loves plastic surgery and often goes under the knife with her sister Stacy. Gemini always does everything together and always wants to look the same. In the spin-off “Darcy and Stacy”, the sisters traveled to Bodrum, Turkey, for the “formation of twins”. Although they planned to change their mind, body and soul, fans were disappointed that the trip was mainly focused on external transformation, rather than personal growth.

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Fans were outraged by her new appearance, which was the result of the installation of new veneers, breast augmentation, lip lift and nose job. Fans are begging the star for help, as they believe that her procedures were unsuccessful, as a result of which she acquired an unrecognizable appearance. Some fans have even gone so far as to say that the surgeries are just a way to hide her huge insecurities.

Darcy Silva was dragged for advertising a plastic surgery center

Another blow for fans was that the Darcy Plastic Surgery Center received disturbing and frightening reviews from past clients, which added fuel to the fire. Fans criticized Darcy for promoting a clinic that made headlines because of allegedly defective surgeries and the pain these surgeries caused. In the latest news, Darcy went under the knife again to achieve the infamous “fox eye”, which is why fans compared her shocking image with the “lady cat” of billionaire Jocelyn Wildenstein. Fans are tired of her showing her transformations on her Instagram Darcy. It’s clear from the comments that fans want the procedures to stop, and some critics have even compared Darcy to an alien.

Darcy Silva received a shadow for using photo editing tools

As if the surgeries weren’t enough, fans criticized Darcy for over-editing the photos she posts on social media. Some people are offended by her photoshop and filters, since they already know what she really looks like. The appeal of a reality show is that it allows viewers to immerse themselves in the real life of actors and see them in an unedited form. Displaying images on her Instagram page worries some fans as they believe Darcy is insulting their intelligence. In addition, due to the fact that she has gone under the knife so many times, many people believe that there is no need for Photoshop. Fans said that she is already a walking “photoshopped” picture. In their opinion, there is no need to spend such an amount on plastic surgery, and then engage in extensive photo processing.

Darcy Silva is criticized for promoting weight loss products

She always flaunts her obsession with plastic surgery on the internet, and fans don’t pay attention to it. Darcy promoting weight loss products is another thing fans can’t stand. Critics were quick to criticize the star for this advertisement, as it is clear that she corrects her body without lifting a finger. The star of the 90-day groom promotes a variety of weight loss products on social networks, including Boombod. In an advertisement on Instagram, Darcy said that the product helped her lose weight for the holidays and overcome uncertainty. Many fans were outraged that Silva said that using the product changed her appearance. One look at the long list of plastic surgery procedures says something else. Fans seized on the action, sharing that Darcy is dishonest about how she got the figure she now has.

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It’s clear that some fans are worried, angry and just completely because of the 90-day groom star. However, being in the public eye with a lot of uncertainty is not easy for anyone. Perhaps Darcy wanted a new look for the upcoming season of Darcy and Stacy. Darcy is pleased with the results of her surgeries and cosmetic procedures. Of course, a star has the right to do whatever she pleases, and if she is happy, that’s already good.