Why Some fans of 1,000-Pound Sisters Can’t Stand Michael Holterman


For years, fans of the 1,000-pound sisters have disagreed about whether they like Amy Slayton’s husband, Michael Holterman. The audience talked a lot about the father of two children, and what they said was not always positive. Now it looks like followers may turn away from him forever.

After three 1,000-pound seasons on The Sisters, Michael remained a relatively quiet character on the show. Caught in the middle, between Tammy and Amy (both women are much louder than him), it’s hard for him to occupy his niche. In the beginning, the audience fell in love with Michael because of his caring side. He often gave the impression of a damn cool husband and son-in-law. Michael never complained about helping Tammy get out of the house, and was always willing to contribute. However, from time to time, viewers feel that they don’t know the real Michael.

After the interview with The Sun, red flags were immediately raised about Michael’s true character. The followers found out that they actually met Amy when she was eight years old and Michael was 12. It also turned out that Michael and Amy were locked in the family basement by her brother and told to experiment with each other. This disturbing story has caused concern among Amy’s supporters. In 2015, even before he met her, Michael was arrested for domestic violence. Although the 1,000-pound Sisters series has never aired a fight, viewers aren’t sure the leopard can change its spots.

It didn’t help that neither Amy nor Michael obeyed the doctors’ orders about trying to increase their family. Fans of the 1,000-pound sisters thought Michael should have followed Dr. Charles Procter’s advice more openly. A wise doctor said that the couple should refrain from trying to have a child so that Amy could recover from bypass gastric anastomosis surgery. Instead, Michael and Amy ignored the advice and risked a dangerous pregnancy.

TLC has yet to confirm season 4 of “The 1,000-pound Sisters,” but fans are hoping it will get the green light soon. Amy has already stated that she is not sure about filming, as she feels that she is missing important milestones with her child. Michael has not yet commented on his preferences, but fans believe that he will agree with whatever Amy chooses. If there is a fourth season, Michael may have to do a lot of hard work to change the opinion of viewers about him.