Why Sister Wives’ Janelle Won’t Return to KM in Coyote Pass


Fans of Sister Wives thought that Janelle Brown likes to live off the land in her luxury mobile home, but this year she showed that she is not going to return. No one is sure about the fate of Cody Brown’s three wives, but Janelle makes decisions as a single mother. Despite the fact that Janelle enjoyed the adventure in her mobile home, she returns to where she feels more stable.

As Sister Wives viewers know, Janelle is Cody’s second wife after a spiritual marriage on January 17, 1993. Courtship was not easy, as Janelle had previously been married to Mary’s brother. For many years, viewers believed that Cody and Janelle had the most stable relationship. The mother of six has always been able to handle numbers and often helps the family stay calm when it comes to important decisions. Despite the fact that Janelle seems to be living on her own, she still keeps close to Arizona, where Cody now lives with his fourth wife, Robin Brown.

During a live broadcast on Instagram, Janelle announced that this summer she and her daughter Savannah will not be living in their luxury mobile home. Viewers were surprised because the Sister Wives star seemed to like her living space so much last summer. According to Janelle, her daughter Savannah will enter high school next year, and the teenage girl wanted to spend time closer to the city, where she could hang out with friends. Instead of spending the whole summer alone at Coyote Pass, Janelle decided to find something closer to the city. According to Janelle, Savannah was “a soldier, but she struggled with the van.”

Janelle also shared that she still keeps a mobile home and will use it on weekends when she and the kids go to Coyote Pass. Along with the renewal of life, Janelle also shared how her work in the garden in Arizona is progressing. She proudly said that she was able to grow tomatoes, zucchini, basil, mint and carrots. The cast of Sister Wives thanked their son Garrison for helping to water the plants, noting that he is the first to collect when the vegetables ripen.

Just a couple of months ago, viewers thought that Janelle was going to return to her homeland after she shared with Sister Wives fans the news about how she and Garrison were preparing furniture. Even though Janelle loved the van, her adventures were put on hold while she focused on her daughter. There has been no information about her marriage to Cody so far, but fans can only assume that things are not going very well.


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