Why Silent Hill deserves and does not deserve to be postponed indefinitely


Silent Hill is undoubtedly among the most controversial game franchises. There were long-standing rumors that he would reappear under the guise of a new IP or with some kind of remake. P.T. Kojima Productions demo and subsequent cancellation of Silent Hills may have been the ones that started these rumors, as it seemed that after that the franchise was dead.

Fans recall how influential Silent Hill is as a psychological survival horror, and while it is possible that more Silent Hill games could be made, it is doubtful whether it should be given such an opportunity. Games such as Silent Hill: Downpour, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Silent Hill: Homecoming are considered among the worst in the franchise, and many fans will agree that the other part may reflect these games, and not the ones that made it so. a special IP to start with.

Silent Hill has an impressive and timeless premise

After the original trilogy, Silent Hill games were received ambiguously. But the original Silent Hill trilogy and Silent Hill 4: The Room demonstrate how changeable the idea of the franchise is, where there are different main characters in each part. Silent Hill introduces players to characters whose grief or guilt manifests and confronts them in a hellish unpredictable landscape. That’s what makes James Sunderland’s traumatic and personal story so fascinating, like in Silent Hill 2, and that’s what later games lacked when they tried to radically explore new game mechanics.

If a new Silent Hill installment or remake is really in development, fans will be disappointed if they don’t live up to expectations. Silent Hill’s next endeavor should be amazing and bring the franchise back to its roots if it has any hope of getting the purists back on its side, and that may prove too much of a challenge. Instead, fans may be willing to leave Silent Hill in their memory if other games are given the opportunity to get in its way.

Other IP addresses may be repeated on the premise of Silent Hill

Due to fan fears that the franchise will only continue with dimmer parts, it may be for the best if Silent Hill is shelved while other developers iterate their own original horror properties. Remakes have swept the industry en masse, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to many fans if Silent Hill really got its remake for any original part.

Nevertheless, psychological horror is perhaps better left in the hands of developers who do not need to deal with the enormity of the legacy of Silent Hill. Future games could clearly demonstrate their inspiration in Silent Hill in terms of the drama of the characters based on the narrative, or with the help of similar motifs and images that Silent Hill was able to create.

With any new psychological horror game announced in the near future, there will always be a comparison with the favorite franchises that came before it. Regardless of whether Silent Hill is revived or not, the overall horror genre in games has never had a more optimistic future, and it’s interesting to see what happens in the future.


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