Why Shouldn’t Facebook Be Installed On iOS


Facebook: Do current applications spy too much on users through their mobiles? Are they paranoia, or do they really take advantage of the permissions we grant them when installing them? According to an expert in Cybersecurity has pointed out in an article in the Forbes newspaper, the answer would be that it is not paranoia, at least in the case of the Facebook application for Apple iPhone iOS.

Apple has done a great job this year with iOS 15, preventing data abuse from companies like Facebook and Google. The transparency of application tracking has already had a drastic impact on revenue from data. In fact, we already told you the other day the button that appears on the iPhone when you open an app, and how it has cost Facebook 8,500 million euros in profits.

Facebook iOS spies on you

According to Forbes, the Facebook app has been caught “secretly” harvesting sensitive data without anyone noticing. And what is worse, there is no way to stop this “especially invasive, except by removing the application” tracking, because Facebook continues to capture location data “using the metadata of your photos and your IP address”, even if you update the configuration settings. to “Never” to stop tracking your location.

The Facebook company, which has been called Meta since last week, “admits this uptake, but refuses to explain why it is doing it when users specifically disable location tracking.” Now security researchers have suddenly warned that Facebook is going further, using your iPhone’s accelerometer “to track a constant stream of your movements, which can easily be used to monitor your activities or behaviors at times of the day, in particular places, or when you interact with their applications and services ”.

More alarming, this data can even put you in touch with people close to you, whether you know them or not.

Registering the accelerometer of your iPhone

As in the case of photo location data, the most serious problem is that there is no transparency. There is no warning that this data is being tracked, there is no option to enable or disable tracing; in fact, there doesn’t seem to be any way to disable the feature and stop the Facebook app in its tracks. Researchers Talal Haj Bakry and Tommy Mysk caution that “Facebook reads accelerometer data all the time. If you do not allow Facebook to access your location, the application can continue to deduce your exact location just by grouping yourself with users who match the same pattern. of vibration that registers the accelerometer of your phone “.

The researchers assure that the problem affects Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, although in the case of the latter it is possible to deactivate the function and the platform assured that no data leaves the user’s device: “On Facebook and Instagram it is not clear why the app is reading accelerometer; couldn’t find a way to disable it. ”

This means that you have to delete the application and access Facebook through the browser. The most curious thing is the way in which Facebook is exposed, since the expert Tommy Mysk points out that “I have tried TikTok, WeChat, iMessage, Telegram and Signal. They do not.”