Why Shemar Moore left “Think like a Criminal” in season 11


That’s why Shemar Moore’s Derek Morgan left “Thinking Like a Criminal” in season 11. “Thinking like a Criminal” is a thriller series that appeared back in 2005 and told about a team of FBI profilers who were tasked with tracking and stopping an endless number of violent serial killers. Along with NCIS, “Thinking Like a Criminal” was one of the most popular procedural shows on the air during its run, which ended in 2020. He was also popular enough to earn two additional income in the form of “Thinking like a Criminal: Beyond Borders” and “Thinking like a Criminal”: Suspicious Behavior.

In addition to the exciting elements of investigating crimes and uncovering the psychological profiles of murderers, an integral part of what has made the series so popular over the years has been its rich and interesting characters. Each member of the BAU team added another aspect to why it was worth a look. In the first two seasons of Thinking Like a Criminal, Mandy Patinkin played the main role as Jason Gideon, but the actor suddenly left as production was preparing for the third season. Patinkin later admitted that the show was much darker and more disturbing than he expected when he signed the contract. on, and he left because he didn’t like the amount of violence.

Surprisingly, the series survived Gideon’s unexpected departure. In fact, his only natural key line-up will be gone in fifteen years, when Thomas Gibson was famously fired in season 12. Another major departure occurred during the 11th season of “Thinking Like a Criminal”, when Derek Morgan of Shemar Moore left the team.

Why Derek Morgan actor Shemar Moore left “Thinking like a Criminal”

Derek Morgan was part of a long-successful formula Thinking like a criminal from the first episode of the show (and is also the subject of fans’ darkest theory of Thinking like a Criminal). The character has gone from being relatively carefree in the early seasons to more weathered over the years. He also overcame a traumatic childhood, including seeing his cop father get shot, and he went through a particularly tough time in season 11.

In “Derek”, the character “Think like a Criminal”, played by Shemar Moore, is captured and subjected to terrible torture, although he manages to escape and kill his tormentors. Just two episodes later, in the “Beautiful Catastrophe” of the TV series “Think like a Criminal”, Morgan’s pregnant wife Savannah is shot dead. After Morgan helped catch the criminal, and Savannah gave birth to their son Hank, named after Morgan’s late father, the special agent says goodbye to the team and leaves BAU. Unlike some of the other shocking departures of the “Think Like a Criminal” characters, there was no behind-the-scenes drama surrounding the departure of Shemar Moore, and the actor simply decided that after eleven seasons it was time to leave.

He felt he had explored every facet of Morgan as a character, and wanted to pursue other projects. Filming a network show like “Thinking Like a Criminal” is a ten—month commitment every season, which doesn’t leave much time for other movies or shows, and Shemar Moore says he wanted to free up time to focus on his personal life as well. However, Derek Morgan returned in several episodes in later seasons.

What has Shemar Moore been doing since “Thinking like a Criminal”

Staying in the spirit of acting roles in law enforcement since he played Derek Morgan, Shemar Moore is currently starring in the CBS action movie S.W.A.T. as Sergeant Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson. After his departure from his famous TV role in the TV series “Thinking like a Criminal” in the 11th season (which caused much less controversy than the departure of his co-star Thomas Gibson), Moore also voiced Victor Stone (aka Cyborg) in several animated films. videos from the District of Columbia (such as “Death of Superman” and “Dark Justice League: Apokolips War”). He also played the character Malcolm Winters in several episodes of the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless.

Every time Derek Shemara Mura returns after Season 11 of “Thinking Like a Criminal”

Derek Morgan leaves BAU in season 11 of “Thinking Like a Criminal,” but the character wasn’t killed off, which always left the door open for either fleeting re—appearances or a full return to the series-and, of course, Shemar Moore appeared in cameos several times. after leaving the usual composition. In season 12, he visits the team in the episode “Red Light”. He provides emotional support to Reed during the latter’s imprisonment, and also helps Garcia find common ground with Alves (his replacement, with whom Garcia later begins to form a romantic relationship). Morgan appears in the season 13 episode “Thinking like a Criminal” in the episode “Lucky Strikes”, when he again provides emotional support to Garcia, although this time in a particularly traumatic case. In the season 13 episode “The Dance of Love”, it is also revealed that Morgan has settled down and is now married and has children. Derek Morgan has a few brief appearances in flashbacks and dream episodes in seasons 14 and 15, but he no longer visits BAU in person.


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