Why Savannah Chrisley Is Actually “Grateful” to Her Parents Todd and Julie’s Legal Troubles


She may be known as “Cheeky” on the USA Network reality show “Chrisley Knows Best” and its spin-off “Rusty Chrisley,” but Savannah Chrisley doesn’t exude as much sass when it comes to her parents’ legal troubles lately. In early June, Todd and Julie Chrisley were found guilty of bank fraud, tax evasion and much more, which can lead them to prison for up to 30 years. The whole family expressed disappointment with the verdict, and although the famous daughter on television is also not happy about it, she reflected a little and explained why now she can really be grateful for all this ordeal.

While her mom and dad are planning their appeal against the court’s decision, Savannah Chrisley turned to her Instagram to describe her feelings in more detail now that she had time to think about everything. The accompanying image slideshow starts with a few fun evenings with friends, but then gradually turns into family photos one-on-one and alone. Using a metaphor that never seems to get old, Savannah Chrisley compared this transition of her life before and after the recent ordeal to a storm that changed the rules of the game, and the time “before” apparently no longer seems too beautiful to her. Here ‘s how she put it in the caption to the post:

Sitting here this morning, thinking about life… before the storm and after the storm. I can say one thing: I am grateful to those who choose to love and love strongly … no matter how difficult it may be. Pre Storm took place at a FAST pace and was full of things that just don’t matter. There is a transition in the middle of the video — more time for silence, more time for God, more time for yourself and family…

In her opinion, the trial in the case of bank fraud put her on the path of a kind of reassessment of values, at least when it comes to what is really important in life. For the 24-year-old, the riots strengthened her Christian faith and showed her how much she and her family can endure in the long run. She continued:

I am strangely grateful, because I know that there is a God who makes everything out of nothing! He can take what the enemy used to try to destroy you and use it to develop you. I am in the process of finding MYSELF… so naked with me. Whatever happens in life… choose love. Love is so pure that it hurts.

When Savannah Chrisley first broke her silence about the guilty verdict, she lamented how “cruel” life was and how the justice system “failed” them. She also said she felt “disappointed with God” because of the results, but pointed out that it was a necessary test for the family to become stronger. In a new post, she added that she believes this still ongoing journey will make her, in particular, better:

God slows me down and works in my heart… it’s a process. But the process that I am so ready to endure… it is moments like this that will make me a better daughter, sister, friend, partner, future mother and daughter of God.

Her half-sister Lindsay, Todd’s daughter from a previous marriage, was another family member who spoke out after the fraud trial. Just a week earlier, she had given testimony that reportedly angered the jury a little. Nevertheless, she later stated that the verdict was still not the one she “hoped for and prayed for.” Todd and Julie themselves seemed less optimistic when they recently reflected on being found guilty, saying they were praying for a “miracle” and that Savannah and their son Chase would take over their podcast in the near future.

The stars of “Chrisley Knows Best” were convicted after several high-profile statements broke out in court. Namely, an accomplice accused Todd Chrisley of having an affair with him, as well as inciting a former employee to embellish the family’s income on loan applications. Presumably, the loans amounted to tens of millions of dollars, as the couple struggled to break even on monthly bills for their lifestyle. They are now under house arrest until sentencing in October.

It is reported that the legal situation stopped the filming of the 10th season of “Chrisley Knows Best” along with their other projects that were in development, awaiting news of the verdict. Nevertheless, the premiere of the 9th season will take place, as planned, tonight, June 23, in the TV schedule of 2022. We already know they looked as happy as ever in the season trailer, but from what Savannah Chrisley is saying right now, looks can be deceiving.