Why Roblox Deleted Its Iconic Oof Sound


Roblox has officially removed the iconic “oof” sound effect from the game. Players will no longer hear the same default death sound when they join their favorite game modes, such as the best Poppy Playtime games in Roblox. For many Roblox fans, this news is disappointing and it seems that part of the game is now lost to history.

Since the introduction of Roblox in 2006, the sound of death has been used by default in the game; players can also download other non-copyrighted materials from the creators, but none of them has had the same impact as the original. In 2019, Tommy Tallarico, the creator of the sound fragment, filed a dispute with Roblox because his creation (which first appeared in a game called “Messiah” in 2000) was used without compensation. Roblox co-founder and CEO David Bashuki objected, stating that this was due to a stock license that was purchased during the development of the game. Eventually, in 2020, a deal was struck whereby players paid $1 for the iconic Roblox sound. Fast forward almost two years – the sound was completely removed from the game.

According to Kotaku, the exact reason why the oof sound was removed from Roblox is still a mystery. However, judging by what has happened over the past two years, it is likely that it will not be possible to reach an agreement on copyright issues between the two parties. Instead of coping with the headache of legal battles over a single audio fragment, Roblox may have thought it best to go ahead and completely exclude him from the game.

Roblox will have to find better death sounds to replace “Oof”

There have already been complaints about the new default death sound in Roblox, which makes sense considering how unattractive it is compared to the other one. Player characters may die in some games, which may cause some parents to worry whether Roblox is safe for their children, but in general it is very carefree and childish. The oof death sound became so synonymous with the game that it eventually turned into a popular meme even for those who have never played Roblox. Unfortunately, the audio snippet removed from the game no longer has the same impact as before, and some players will most likely start looking for new content to replace the old one.

While this news may disappoint Roblox fans, it may lead to something better than the iconic oof sound. After all, the game is designed so that the creators can create the best free games for Roblox, some of which are inspiring, but in the end they are close or even better than the originals. Despite this, there are many copyright-free sounds that players can download to replace the new default sound.


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