Why Robert Downey Jr loves Chris Evans so much


Want to know why Robert Downey Jr. adores his co-star Chris Evans? It’s here that it happens.

We know that some actors cannot at all supervise themselves on the film sets, unlike others who get along wonderfully. Like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans who are real friends in real life. The two comedians have been working together in the Marvel Universe for years now. A professional collaboration which quickly turned into a nice bond. The duo never hesitates to troll nicely on social networks. But when they’re not teasing each other, they make adorable statements. Evidenced by the tender confessions of the one who plays Iron Man about his playing partner.

Interviewed last January on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Robert Downey Jr. was full of praise for Chris Evans: “I love Chris Evans. I can’t even tell you why. Boston. He’s technically a brilliant actor. But he also doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s a little head in the air but he’s the first guy you want to have by your side if something happens. And yet, we are different enough that I tell myself that with our personalities we have managed to create something special with our characters on the screen. ” A beautiful bromance therefore. Elsewhere in the news, find out why Robert Downey Jr.’s wife thought he was weird when they met.


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