Why Rob Zombie’s “Munsters” Trailer Looks So Bad


The trailer for Rob Zombie’s movie “Munsters” looks bad, and it’s a disappointing start for the reboot as it doesn’t live up to expectations regarding its fidelity to the original. Although director Rob Zombie was open to the audience during the filming of the movie “Munsters”, the trailer gives the first real insight into the style and interpretations of classic characters. With such promising teasers through casting announcements, first-look images and behind-the-scenes videos, the trailer for Rob Zombie’s movie “The Munsters” was unexpectedly disappointing.

The first official trailer for The Munsters movie shows that the full-length adaptation of the 1960s TV series will tell the love story of Lily and Herman Munster, and Grandpa apparently rejects the couple. The colorful Munster family embarks on various adventures together with familiar characters from the original sitcom, and at the end of the trailer, Lily, Herman and Grandpa move into their iconic home 1313 Mockingbird Lane. It is noteworthy that Eddie and Marilyn are missing from The Munsters, since the Zombie reboot apparently serves as a prequel to the classic TV show.

The modern view of the director of bloody horror films Rob Zombie was inclined to see a slightly different view of the cult characters, but what is most surprising in the trailer of “Munsters” is the noticeably low quality of the presentation. The hope is that the trailer is simply unfair to the real movie due to poor editing, as previous Zombie screenings for the Munsters reboot movie teased a genuine leap back into the creepy atmosphere of the classic sitcom. In contrast to the confident lightness of the original, the Zombie trailer “The Munsters” shows a much more exaggerated version of the characters, with the personalities and mannerisms of Lily Munster from Sheri Moon Zombie and Herman Munster from Jeff Daniel Phillips, who could not convey the spirit of Yvonne De Carlo and Fred. Gwynne’s versions. Even more disappointing is the lack of clever satirical Gothic in the original sitcom “Munsters” with an exaggerated trailer, intentional or not, almost mocking the characters rather than paying homage.

Rob Zombie’s attempt to be loyal hurt the Munsters?

Despite the fact that Rob Zombie promises a genuine reboot of the cult 1960s sitcom, the trailer for The Munsters differs significantly from the tone and style of the original. Perhaps because Rob Zombie has no experience in the family genre, the trailer points to The Munsters movie, discarding its gothic horror mood for a more kitschy interpretation of the characters. The success of The Munsters movie requires some nostalgic fidelity to the original sitcom, but the trailer suggests that Zombies may have gone too far in this sentimentality, and the characters almost became a parody of the Munster family of the 1960s.

The only character in the trailer for Rob Zombie’s “Munsters” reboot that seems to accurately recreate the essence of the originals is Dan Roebuck’s grandfather, whose mannerisms and voice are frighteningly reminiscent of Al Lewis’ character from the 1960s TV series. Unfortunately, the exaggerated gestures and idiosyncrasies of Herman and Lily, who are at the center of the Zombie’s Munsters movie, seem to be completely new characters.

Rob Zombie is notable for his unique style and has been criticized before due to his ambiguous interpretations of classic IP horror such as Halloween, but the reboot of The Munsters initially presented an encouraging change of pace as he projected fidelity to every aspect of the beloved 1960s sitcom. . While the trailer may be a bad development, there is hope that the completed “Munsters” movie better matches the promising start of the Rob Zombie reboot project.