Why Rick Grimes is unlikely to have an early death

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Andrew Lincoln became a global superstar thanks to his role as zombie apocalypse survivor Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. The British actor played the role for the better part of a decade before retiring to work on other projects, including a series of The Walking Dead films following his character.

However, fans of the horror series are curious when Rick will finally find the end of him in the franchise. The good news is that Rick won’t be leaving the world of The Walking Dead any time soon.

In fact, the opposite is true amid reports that Lincoln will reprise the role of him on The Walking Dead as the show prepares to end. On the other hand, AMC has yet to confirm the news, but it would make sense for the former main character to return for one last hurray.

This theory was complicated after The Walking Dead released a cryptic image on Twitter to mark Thanksgiving in America, with characters from the show around a dinner table in an old-fashioned portrait.

In the background of the painting was the silhouette of a man on horseback, whom many have interpreted as Rick making his return. It is also confirmed that he will appear in his own spinoff film series from the phenomenally popular zombie drama with the films already in the works.

Likewise, former The Walking Dead guest director Rosemary Rodríguez hinted that Rick’s first shot in his first big screen appearance could come sometime this year, depending on the status of the coronavirus pandemic.

In response to a post on The Walking Dead’s official Twitter page asking fans to share their hopes for the show in 2021, Rodriguez appeared to be alluding to Rick’s movies.

Similarly, Rodriguez has previously directed three episodes of the AMC show, including The Obliged, the penultimate installment of Rick’s exit episode. Season 11 is expected to premiere at its regular fall time slot in October and the show will have its eventual midseason hiatus before coming to an end in 2022.


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