Why RHUGT Fans Still Fear the Return of Phaedra Parks


Phaedra Parks is back in season 2 of “Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip,” but some fans are still wary of her intentions. Since Phaedra was the only housewife ever fired for spitefully lying about another actor, some viewers don’t think the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” graduate is worthy of redemption. Phaedra is part of the cast of the second season’s ex-wives who were fired or left their franchises. Phaedra andĀ Eva Marcille is a RHOA alumni chosen to represent the Georgia franchise in the second season of the spin-off mashup Housewives.

Phaedra did the unthinkable in season 9 of RHOA when she avenged a feud with Kandi Burruss by telling Porsche Williams that Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker planned to use her for sexual purposes. The shocking claims were discovered during the Season 9 reunion, and this was the last time fans saw Phaedra in the series. Kandy was able to reconcile with Porsche over the years, but vowed never to act with Phaedra again. Fans and even housewives shared their openness to Phaedra’s return to the show. However, the producers know that her return will lead to Kandy’s departure. Meanwhile, Phaedra was invited to appear in the second season of RHUGT and in one of the episodes of the newest franchise, The Real Housewives of Dubai.

Against the background of Phaedra’s return to Bravo, fans are talking about the producers’ decision to return the housewife with an axe. Reddit user u/revolutionarykittens explained why they are “wary” of Phaedra’s return to Bravo, given her dark past. “To be honest, I don’t want her to come back,” they joked after referring to her past accusations against Kenya Moore, which later turned out to be false, as well as the drug and rape charges she made against Kandy and Todd, because of which she was fired. Although some fans have noted how “funny and interesting” Phaedra is, especially her well-received confessions, the viewer does not think that this should “excuse” her for committing “one of the most vile acts in the history of housewives.” They wondered why so many viewers were praising Phaedra’s return and seemingly ignoring the grim details of her questionable behavior in the past.

Others agreed that Phaedra makes a great comical comment on RHUGT and RHOA, but that’s not enough for redemption. “Her actions were beyond the bounds of decency and I don’t want her actions to be rewarded with a comeback,” the Reddit user said. Many fans agreed that Phaedra brings fun and carefree energy to Dorinda Medley’s Bluestone Manor. However, viewers can’t forget how “disgusting” her behavior was on RHOA. A long-time viewer explained why they were always skeptical of Phaedra, especially after seeing how she defends her ex-husband Apollo Nida, who ended up in prison on fraud charges. He later admitted that he had made up a lie, claiming that Kenya had flirted with him in Los Angeles.

There were other oddities associated with Phaedra telling the truth, including her alleged misconception about when she became pregnant with her first child, since she was not married at the time. With all the lies that were caught on Phaedra’s story, fans don’t think she’s worthy of such praise in “The Real Housewives Trip.” However, there are still many fans who like her return and they want her to return to RHOA. The producers will have to decide whether Phaedra has come out of her dubious past and whether she will be able to hold her peach again.