Why RHOC’s Noella Thinks the Actors were Jealous of Her “agony”


Noella Bergener from “The Real Housewives of Orange County” accused her colleagues on the set of being jealous of her. Noella shook up the last season of the franchise and got a few ladies wrong. Now the mother of two is telling the truth about what other women really think about her.

Noella’s freshman season began with the fact that she was happily married to James Bergener, but lost it all in the middle of the season. The model started the 16th season of RHOC from the highest heights and lived in luxury, including owning a private jet. Unfortunately, an unexpected divorce knocked the Bravo star off his feet. While there’s no doubt that Noella is a great addition to RHOC, thanks to her made-for-TV moments, some other women weren’t her fans. Now Noella is open about how, in her opinion, women treat her.

After the poorly received 15th season of RHOC, the network had no choice but to let go of some old faces and accept a few newcomers. Fortunately, they found Noella, who is more than willing to share her life with the cameras. As the audience got to know her better, many could see that she had problems adapting to the group. Noella recently told Page Six that she thought the other RHOC ladies were jealous of her “agony.” The 36-year-old woman told the publication that her life after the divorce was a “strange world.” Noella, who had many scandalous moments on RHOC, noted that she tried to mourn her divorce, but most of the conversations were closed. down by other women.

Noella pointed out that some other RHOC women condemned her and how she decided to handle the breakup. Fans could tell that most of the cast was tired of Noella bringing every conversation back to her. Some even thought she was faking it to get more screen time. Noella shared that she felt that her emotions irritated her colleagues in the film RHOC. Viewers will remember that Heather Dubrow was the most active opponent of Noella’s behavior.

Fans of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” were glad to hear that Noella’s divorce was over. The former couple is still working on spousal support, but now Noella is free to live her life, hopefully without agony. Noella is back on Seeking.com and she is happily looking for a new man who will join her life. Bravo has not yet announced a new season of the franchise, but most fans assume that Noella will be asked to return.