Why RHOBH Fans Want Lisa Vanderpump & Other Housewives OG Back


Fans of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” are unhappy with season 12 and are asking for the original cast to come back to shake things up. Although there have been many dramatic events in the actors’ lives, such as the invasion of Dorit Kemsley’s house and the ongoing trials of Erica Jane, the focus has been on the tangled feud between Sutton Strack and Crystal Kung Minkoff. Newcomer Diane Jenkins promised to be an interesting addition, but so far has not given the audience anything but a kind of right.

RHOBH fans also lack the organicity of previous seasons. Although there was a feline and dramatic relationship between the ladies, there was a real friendship between them. When Crystal was introduced last season, she didn’t know any of the other women except Kyle Richards’ sister Katie Hilton. Krystal, who is much younger than most of the RHOBH stars, seems unable to find a common language with them, especially with Kyle and Lisa Rinna. Fans have noticed an obvious clique within the RHOBH group, and many find the new season boring and fictional.

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Reddit user biryani-mutton expressed his dissatisfaction with the 12th season of RHOBH and wrote: “Can we just get to Katie’s drama. 7 episodes and I’m fucking bored.” Before the airing of the 12th season of RHOBH, it was reported that Katie allegedly lost her cool during a trip to Aspen, Colorado, and used racist and homophobic slurs. RHOBH fans can’t wait to see how the controversial moment will play out in the series, but many are wondering if it will air at all, since Katie allegedly announced the termination of the actors’ actions. Angry-Bowel_Movent wrote: “I’m still waiting for the start of this season. In fact, I’m also looking forward to the start of the previous two seasons.”

Many RHOBH fans miss the old line-up and demand their return. Queengnpwdrgelatine commented: “Let’s be honest… it’s boring without LVP. She could be a manipulator, a gaslighter, a shit, but it was never boring.” Another fan joked: “At least LVP had ponies and swans.” Katie Bops agreed that RHOBH needs to be reworked, and said, “I just started reviewing, and it was much better before this group of bland mean girls. Bring back Adrienne [Malouf]. Even Brandy [Glanville] had more class than Rinna and Erica.” Gone are the days of Kim Richards’ antics and the classic dubious Camilla Grammar, and fans are nostalgic for the cast of OG.

Lisa Rinna is gradually becoming one of the most unpleasant actors of RHOBH. Many viewers accused her of stirring the pot, but it was after she threw Denise Richards under the bus in season 10 that she secured the role of the villain. Erica was also criticized for appearing cold and indifferent to the victims of her ex-husband Tom Girardi in his court case. Fans are also tired of looking at RHOBH stars and their glamorous squads, which seem unorganized and unnecessary, especially when they are just getting ready for casual classes. Viewers want to see women in their real life with an ill-conceived drama, and many miss the old RHOBH seasons.