Why RHOBH Fans Want a Cast Change


After several seasons with the same faces, fans of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” need a cast reshuffle. In the 12th season, the entire cast of the 11th season of RHOBH returned with one new addition. Diana Jenkins has recently become a housewife and receives mixed reviews from viewers who do not find Diana attractive enough to invest in her. Elsewhere, the drama dries up in season 12, and most of the actors are feuding with Sutton Strack over minor misunderstandings. the most recent

Kyle Richards is the only OG left on RHOBH. Lisa Rinna follows her as a longtime veteran of the series. Erica Jane, Dorit Kemsley and Garcelle Beauvais are among the new housewives returning to the series, while Crystal Kung Minkoff is back for her second season. Diana appeared in the 12th season of RHOBH as a full-time housewife, and her wealth and luxurious lifestyle went well with the franchise known for its glitz and glamour. However, fans always want to dive into the juiciest, drama-filled storylines, and season 12 is still not enough.

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The 12th season of RHOBH is so outdated that Reddit user u/another_feminist asked fans if it was time to “cancel” the franchise. The viewer mentioned the “goofiness” that took center stage during the season, including Crystal, who apparently accused Sutton of racism, and Erica cared more about her well-being than about Tom Girardi’s victims. “At the moment, watching this show is unpleasant at best, and repulsive at worst,” a Reddit user joked. Others joined the thread, accusing the cast of RHOBH of focusing on dark disagreements rather than real rumors and reports related to their marriages. “Why has the issue of PK drunk driving or their financial problems never been raised? Mauricio’s fraud? Rumors about Harry Hamlin? not to get better.”

Fans have been calling for the removal of Kyle and Lisa for a long time. The two are the oldest housewives in the series and are known to participate in other women’s drama while remaining silent about their personal failures. Another Reddit user accused the actors of sweeping “all the real stuff under the carpet and focusing the entire season on a stupid word.” Others called the cast of RHOBH “boring” and urged producers to clean up the house to save the show. “Kim, Camilla, it’s better to check your newbies or return the old ones, but good ones,” they suggested. The golden era of RHOBH has long passed, when Kim Richards did not restrain her verbal tirades, and Camilla Gramar coped with the task perfectly, stirring the cauldron.

If the same girls come back from season to season, the same storyline will surface. Fans are currently watching Crystal reveal a conversation from a year ago with Sutton, which, in her opinion, was tactless on racial grounds. RHOBH fans accuse Crystal of apparently trying to portray Sutton as a mean-spirited racist. But the drama is not enough to keep the fans on their toes. Erica and Lisa also had disagreements with Sutton. Nevertheless, the quarrels were quickly resolved, and nothing turned into a major showdown. If the producers listen to the requests of the fans, there should be a change of actors on the horizon.