Why RHOBH Fans Think Kyle Richards Is Ready to Leave the Show


After 12 seasons starring in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, fans think Kyle Richards may finally be ready to leave the show. Kyle was at the center of a negative reaction from viewers who were outraged by her behavior throughout the season. This is the first time for the housewife OG, who managed to roll back all 12 seasons almost unscathed. Many fans feel that they will finally see Kyle’s true face, while some even thank the producers for the supposed edit change.

Kyle has become one of the most hated housewives on RHOBH for a number of reasons. Fans have already called for Kyle’s demotion or removal for outdated storylines and apparently resorted to interfering with other people’s drama to keep it relevant. But criticism of Kyle intensified in season 12, when she seemed to target Sutton Strake and Garcel Beauvais. Kyle’s possible target on women reached new heights at Garcel’s birthday party when she questioned Sutton’s miscarriage disclosure. After the party, Kyle didn’t improve the situation when she and her husband Mauricio Umanski had a laugh with Dorit and P.K. Kemsley about Eric Jane berating Garcel’s 14-year-old son, Jax.

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However, the disturbing behavior could have remained unknown if the producers had refused to show it in the 12th season of RHOBH. Fans wondered if the production was starting to work against Kyle and show more of her unfavorable moments. Chatterbox Cairn from Twitter did a little digging and noticed the recent announcement of the departure of one producer RHOBH. “No wonder Kyle says this could really be her last season,” they wrote. “Chris was fired/left after season 10, and now another producer who cares about editing Kyle in a better light is leaving/fired from Evolution,” they added. The fan believes that due to the production change, Kyle will no longer receive the “protection” she is accused of when it comes time to edit the show.

Unsurprisingly, Kyle says this could really be her last season. Chris was fired/fired after season 10, and now another producer who cares about editing Kyle in a better light is leaving/fired from Evolution. It’s really a new day. No more protection. #ROBH pic.twitter.com/KvYCUwK3HN

— Chatterbox Cairn (@ChatterboxKeirn) July 14, 2022

A fan included screenshots of the announcement of Alex Baskin’s departure on Instagram. Kyle and Dorit were seen in the comments section expressing their disappointment with the news. It’s understandable that Kyle had a good relationship with Alex if she’s so sad to see him leave. However, her response to this further fuels fan rumors that she is the unofficial producer of RHOBH. Kyle, who has a superiority complex, has long been accused of “producing” scenes and fomenting drama between the ladies. It seems that’s exactly what she was doing at Garcel’s party, when Sutton had a heated exchange with RHOBH newcomer Diane Jenkins.

After the party, Garcel wanted to talk to Erica because she was fighting with her son. But during their conversation, Kyle kept interfering to the point that Garcel had to tell her to “jump ship” somewhere else. RHOBH OG has somehow become one of the least-loved actors, and the criticism from fans is not abating. Fans are calling for the demotion or removal of Kyle, Dorit, Lisa Rinna and newcomer Diana. Given the possibility that Kyle won’t have any producer friends who could edit her crystal clear image, Kyle may be ready to leave the stage on the left.


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